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(this is a hard hat area)
What does that stand for? Yeah, I know, Duluna won't let me say the real name out loud... let's just say the

As for the real name... use your imagination. I am sure you can come up with something... Mwa ha ha ha!::Maniacle laughter::

hey, okay I will some day get pictures of my friends in the bombs Squad. so it is known, we are findind Many Many Many different people belonging to the bombsquad, we are the secong generation.. yes, this establlishment was Begun by Duke and Mallory before they joined the resistance, they don't know it, it was ... well.. an accidental cult of evil, but then they Endited Cleo, and well, lets just say she did the opposite of everthing the group stood for, and basically totally ruled.

Cleona Anne May June Firestarter Areil Freeduc-McMallard-L'Orange (AKA ME! Cleo, DUH!)
Wedge ::laugh:: NORMAN! ::laugh:: Mason(AKA Wedgie)
*Galant Gerald Galaxy*
Murial Prudence VanToughy (AKA B-B)

Soon to come:

(* indicate they wrote in and asked to join the Bomb squad... JOY!!)

One quick question... If you wanna join the Bombs squad you are welocome to. you just have to write me. Um, then you'll get a little page-thingy like Wedgie, murial, Dalana, Glant, Gixa, Gerhett and the others (soon will...) ... as of now we have only a few... sadly. And well, I'd love for more people to join... then you can be added in some fan fics if you want..:) but okay, i'm done now..::grin:: Where did I store those grafics.....

You can take your hard hats off when you get back to the Penalty Box!...but put on a lead vest...