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::mysterious voice from nowhere:: I, the mighty leader of all, will be helping you on this journey through the wonders of the information on the most ravishing, handsom sweet guy there is; Me

::lots of laughter from multipul other unseen voices::

Drop it Galant my page, my voice!
Thanks peeps, I will be your guide, as always. Galant is going to go sulk. House lights please.

::lights come up and you see Cleo::

Galant has a bit of a theatrical personality, I'll break him someday.

Name: Galant Gerald Galaxy
Were your parents really that cruel to give you a name like THAT?: They were worse with my sister....
Age: Undefinable
Uh huh... now answer the question truthfully you lying sack: Okay okay, I'm 18.
Hair: Light blue... I know, it's weird... but not abnormal around here...
Significant other: Are you asking?
Height: 6 foot 4 inches.
Weight: Hey there!Thats not polite! Okay, 150 lbs.
Feathers: Creamish.
Eyes: Sea Green
Has anyone ever told you that you look ALOT like Wedge Mason?: As a matter of fact, you, Murial and... just about everyone else... but..
:Wedge and Galant shouting: We do NOT!

Hee hee. My point proven.

Why did you Join B.O.M.B.S?:
because I like to blow things up... plus that I and my sister and a friend of ours made friends with the gal behind Cleo... And it was either this or the circus.

Oh, Do I feel loved...*rolls eyes*

Also, Visit Galant's sister: Gixa Gertrude Galaxy.