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Wedge "Wedgie" Mason


Name:Wedge N. Mason, They Call me Wedgie

What the N stands for: *mummbles* Norman...*curses*

Identifying marks: The white swirl on my beak and a nose ring...

Singnificant other:*sigh* *love* Swirl! *love* *sigh*

Hight: 6 foot 2 inches

Weight: On the moon I weighed less, but I am at 201 lbs... I blame the girl scouts and their darn cookies!

Hair: Yes I have hair! And I am Darn well bent on keeping all of it!!

No Wedgie I meant hair Color: Oh, well that's blue... yes, It's natural.

Feathers: yes.. oh! you mean Color!! Light blue..

Eyes... okay and By this I mean their color, Wedgie : Ice Blue! (Cleo, do you anticipate me to screw up all the time?!)

Hopefully a pic to come soon!
Wedgie: *sniffle* i am still missing Delila and Birtha...*sniffle*

You wanna go back to theBomb Shelter? okay, but don't bring one of my bears with you!!