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*Mysty's Apartment*


Hey all you Duck fans! Glad to see you back! I've given the place a few touch-
ups,  so why don't you look it over? I left most of the original info up for you 
first time visitors, but I hope you enjoy the spiffy new stuff! So grab a root beer, 
plop down on the couch, and make yourself at home!

The Cantina Music Aaaah... drunkenness and bad company... sounds like the Pond.


To break the ice, here's a corny duck joke:

Q: Why do ducks have big flat feet?

A: To stomp out forest fires.

Q: Why do elephants have big flat feet?

A: To stomp out flaming ducks!

Ha! Just had to share. I thought that was cute.

A duck walked into a pet store and asked the owner "Do you have 
any duck food?" The owner said "No." The next day the duck walked 
in andasked the owner "Do you have any duck food?" The owner said, 
"No, we do not sell duck food." The next day the duck came back again 
and asked,"Do you have any duck food?" The owner said "No, and 
if you come in here again I will nail your beak to the wall!" 
The next day the duck walked into the store
and asked the owner "Do you have any nails?" 
The owner replied with confusion "No, we don't have any nails!" 
The duck then asked, "Do you have any duck food?"

Personal Profile

Name: Mystyca Asha Aura

Age: 19

Team number and position: 38 right wing (can play most any position)

Fave weapons: Super high- tech Plasma Puck Blaster and Talon (type of knife)

Vehicle: Purple Harley Davidson motorcycle, license plate "BLUR"

Frequent saying: (pointing Blaster at offender's head) "I wouldn't DO that if I were you, honey." (smiles)

Personality: (quoting my friend Gallery if I may) "Sweet as a rose, Deadly as poison."


A Brief History

My dad, Blue, was from another planet called Cheribu. It is inhabited by medival ducks with strange coloration. This probably explains my appearance. I have purple eyes, a black beak, grey feathers,and silvery- white hair. Sometimes people make fun of my looks. Hey! I'm more color- coordinated than you could EVER be! (Thanx Starsong! (^_^)) I came to earth at the same time that the Mighty Ducks did. My dad and I were actually in the Resistance. I never even met the others, though, because I was so intense on the mission that I spent all my time training and talking with my dad. I guess the others didn't trust us for some reason. Before the main attack, they sent my father, an acquaintance of his, and me out to find Dragonus' ship, suspecting that we would fail, perish- or both. Amazingly, we succeeded in finding the ship. After that... well I won't ruin the story for you. But when the dimensional gateway sucked up the Mighty Ducks, it also caught my father's friend and me. The gateway branched off and I ended up in Colorado. It was almost three years until I reunited with the rest of the resistance..without even knowing that was who they were! You can get the full story of my past and my adventures (or would that be misadventures?) meeting the Ducks once I put my story, "A Hidden Motive," on this page. Until then, I hope you enjoy the stuff I have here. That drawing up there is a concept sketch of Mallory that could almost be me! Later I'll have some of my own drawings, music, and other cool stuff. Hey! Check out the long awaited Character List! It promises to be interesting! Well I hope you liked visiting my apartment. See ya soon!


At last! The Character List has arrived!


Luv, Mysty Asha Aura

P.S. You can e- mail me at

Hope to hear from ya!


"Back to the Penalty Box! " Mysty: "Hey! What did THEY do?!?"
Duluna: *yelling from the Penalty Box* CHOP SUIE!!!
Mysty: "Don't EVEN go there"