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You knew it was coming. You waited. And waited. And waited.
Now here it is.

Mysty's Ultimate Character Page!


I am sorely aching for a scanner, so for now I'll have small profiles in place of pictures. But I promise you color drawings of every character! Let the people eat cake!


Clara Krysta Aura

Clara is my kid sister. Actually, she's older than I am, but for some reason she has always looked up to me. We were pretty close as children, though I know she was jealous of me for being my dad's favorite. What happened to our relationship, I'll never know. The last time I saw her, she was screaming and throwing things at me. That was years ago, the day we found out our mother was missing. I wonder if she is searching for mother, too.

Hair: blond
Eyes: purple
Feathers: brown
Beak: brownish- orange


This duck is an enigma. I swear, he is so familiar to me somehow! He claims to know me from my past. He is an enigmatic misfit with a nearly photographic memory. Judging from his appearance, he must be from Cheribu. There's no other way that he could have that coloration. Once, he was under Dragonus' employ, working with high tech equipment and mapping strategies. But now he's turned away from evil and wants to help me find "what I'm looking for." I'm not sure if he's trustworthy, but there's something about him that makes me want to trust him all the same. I'll find out what he's up to sooner or later.

Hair: black
Eyes: ice blue
Feathers: brown with an emerald green "mask" across the eyes
Beak: white

Blue Aura

Even though my father, Blue, isn't around anymore, I feel that I should include him in my list. I'm not quite sure what his life was like before he came to Puckworld, but I've come to understand that he was part of a royal family on Cheribu. He was the best father I could have asked for. My feelings and best interests were always his first priority, and he was one of my best friends. I miss him so much, and I only wish he could be here to see me now.

Hair: black
Eyes: purple
Feathers: blue
Beak: black


That's all I can reveal for now. I hope this has intrigued you enough to come back and see the rest of my list.

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