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Cleo's Bomb Site
Listen! This song goes perfect with my personality.

Name: Cleona Anne May June
Firestarter Ariel Freeduc-McMallard-L'Orange
Gender: Gender? Why not ask the generic Question of "sex" so I can answer Yes?! Erg... Female
Age: I came to Earth at 16 years old.
Body: White
Hair: Red, just like Mom's, but longer.
Eyes: Turquise
Specialties: Wind and Fire Magic, 
Being a Royal Pain in the Rear, Blowing up Stuff
Gadget of Choice: Wind and Fire Magic,
Puck Launcher, Bombs
Motto: "ohh! ooh! I got one! wait... that's not appropriet..."
# and Position: Anywhere I dern well feels like.
Personality: All around pain in the neck
-- but heck, I'm fun!!!

Hi. It's Cleo. Welcome to my personal, frighting, Bomb Site.
Deep benethe the city of Aneheim, benethe the Pond, the lakes, pools, homes basements... was the Bomb Site.

The house is actually a split-level ranch-style home not far from Aneheim, the basement just expands beyond most people's comprehention.
..... In the words of Luke, "No one want's to know just how far our basement goes."
..... Should you walk up the stairs when you walk in, the upstairs holds the kitchen, a bathroom, a spare room, an game room... but the stairs leading from the door to our "first floor" which is a few feet below ground level, would reveal our bedrooms; There are eight (8) of them. We had to build them because the when the girls got angry enough as children they'd start eachother's hair on fire. There's also a living room, it's too big, but Luke just HAD to over-do the entertainment center, then of course re-built our computers nearly to the point of being able to control nueclear weapons.
One sec...
I stand corrected;
I guess we've managed to do that before...
..... Below the family living quarters are all sorts of things. Wedgie (a blue haired, light blue feathered ex-con of a best friend)and his daughter Weena live in a room down there, next to which live Cassie, Keegan and their child, Cheese, then Calipso and her son Little Miro.
..... I know, most people would be irritated by the lack of light, but we've got lamps. Back in PW (puck world, duh)we were forced to live underground, being above ground makes the others a bit nervous. The fact that Rexxie and a few other sauriens are up there really doesn't help their paranoia.
..... Anyway, It's like a cul-de-sac down in that basement, there's also a big test room down there, My daughters call it "the Dojo," but it's really just a place we manage to test new strengths, powers, and guns.
Mmmmm, Guns....