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Tayshia's Bunk

Updated= Jan 1 3:53 a.m.

(What can I say?)

 I UPDATED!!! I ADDED A WHOLE NEW GAME!!! Wow! (*_*) Ok, so I really need help. well, here it is and I'll add stuff later.

Drinking Game

What I like to say, and do!

Name: Tayshia Mondrawing Flashblade
Parent's: Tanya and Wildwing
Position on ice:Center
Position on Team: Leader in second Generation
Tool's: Futeristic Omni-tool and Mask of Drake DuCaine
Hair: Blond
Feathers: Yellow
Eye's: Brown
Favorit color: Green
Saying: "That's it, I'm geting my dad. DAD!!! LUKE'S BEING AN IDIOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!"

Here's Some of My favorit Midis!

Zombie The Cranberries

 Dangerous Minds Coolio

Zero By Smashing Pumkins -Dad=00 (Get it?)

Just a girl No Doubt


A little about myself:

Well, I'm the leader in the second generation and I'm going out with Karmy-kins! (Karma- Grins son) I use an upgraded Omni-tool based on my mom's and the mask of Drake DuCaine. I inherited my mom's intellegence, (IQ of 258, thankyou) and the leadership qualities of my father. Although I didn't inherit either personalities thank you very much. I'm am very happy and outgoing and alway's look to the brighter side of thing. Like Mysty! Well I love hockey (DUH) and I love spicy food's. My cousin Mercedes (Dive and Duluna's daughter) Has no clue as to how I eat that stuff. I also LOVE Japanese animation including Ronin Warriors and Sailor Moon. I have about 52 normal anime vidios to boot! Cool huh? Well I'll add stuff later! See ya all later!!!

Ronin Scouts! Hey, if you have nothing else to do, go check out my Ronin Warrior and Sailor Moon page! (^_^)
"Go back to the Penalty Box!" Tayshia: "THAT FRESHMEN DESERVED IT!!!"