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Drinking Game: Mighty Ducks

Written By Tayshia, Dictated by Duluna

Tayshia: Well here's a little game you can play while watching your favorite episodes over and over and over again! It's pretty much self-explanatory. My friends and I drank too much soda though. SUGER OVERLOAD!

Take a Drink whenever….


-Isn't wearing the mask
-Feels sorry for himself
-Feels he is not a good leader
-Say's something directly to Tanya
-Say's "Way to go, little bro" to Nosedive or "Punch it Nosedive!"
-Say's Canard would have been a better leader
-Two sips when her quits the team


-Is found at Captain comics.
-Hanging out with Grin
-Jokes about Dragaunus' fingernails
-Act's totally stupid in a serious situation
-Toments Mallory. {Two sips when she mentions worms in her boots.}
-Talks directly to the camera
-Makes a mess in the kitchen


-Mentions his past as a thief
-Say's a joke, which makes NO sense.
-Flashes his sword too much in other word's just showing off.
-Mumbles to himself
-Says something stupidly dramatic
-Drives the Migrator
-Drives the Aerowing


-Goes into a flashback state
-Quotes Quack Quan Do
-Show a personality what so ever {Ex- Heck with Karma, I say we flatten him!}
-Shows to much sympathy and love for the others {Duluna told me to put this}
-"Pain is an illusion, an illusion that really, really hurts"


-Yells at Nosedive
-Yells at Duke
-Says something corny {Ex. "We keep on loosing team mates this shows gonna be called the Mighty Duck}
-Say's something with a sigh
-Gets a little trigger happy
-Looks like she's about to slug some one


-Is overly emotional
-Just plain freaks
-Say's something corny {See ya later alligator! HA!}
-Show off her Omni-tool
-On assignment alone with Wildwing {(^_-)}
-isn't wearing glasses. {If you don't know what episode I'm talking about, You need to watch M. D. more often}
-Drain it for her line "The World is in danger, WE'RE SAVED!"


-Chameleon dose a bad impression
-Every time Wraith isn't looking on the brighter side of life
-Smoke comes from Dragaunus nostrils
-Siege smacks Chameleon
-Cheesy "Your gonna die and this is how we're gonna do it…" speech
-Call the ducks "Feathered Fowl," Etc…


-Group hug
-Everyone just appears out of the woodwork when Drake 1 goes off.
-New aliens/Ducks appear
-Drain Glass when Canard is sent into dimensional limbo {Sniff (-_-)}
-Drag Phil with them
-Phil drags them to photo shoots
-Kleghorn asks for a permit or just plainly acts like a rude chubby kid.
-Pond is damaged
-Mask does not work

Tay's Bunk Tayshia: "This is a startiling development!"