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Movies that have people that remind us of the Mighty Ducks

Try to say that three times fast

Duluna: I have this terrible habit of sitting down for a movie and making the people on the movie match that of the Mighty Ducks. (Opps)Well, the one movie fresh in my mind now is the one Gallery showed me that scared the heck out of me and I am on my third, count 3 Nightmares with this movie and Mighty Ducks blended!!!

Movie: Day of the Dead
Rateing: At Blockbuster it is NYV (Not for Young viewers) I would go for at R truthfully
Story:The dead have become zombies and only a handful of the living are left. The survivors are mostly the military and are living on the undergroung base. If you get bitten by a Zombie you become a Zombie!!!
Cast of Characters: I don't remember the names but I'll go by discription
Main Character: Sarah? The only woman left: She is totally like Mallory
The guy that is majorly stressing about the zombies and seems to be Sarah's (Mallory's) Boyfriend: When I first saw the movie I thought him as Nosdive and then he does something totally stupid so now I don't know who he is like.
The Jamacian Guy that flys the helecopter: Canard or Wildwing
The Guy that is always drinking that flys helecopter: Duke
The Guy known as Dr. Frankenstin: Even thought this charactor is a guy pretend he's a she and she's Tanya
The Zombie Bub: Canard or Wildwing, If your watching the movie and you think the Jamacian guy is like Wing then the Bub with be Canard and visa versa.
The military men jerks: Saurians, Hey they are jerks!

Cleo: okay!! I got one!!! Tankgirl!!! ME MEME!! I was in it!! Duluna says I was the girl with the pain ball... Samantha... even is she reminds me of my daughter, Gabriella, and The Main Charector reminds me of me... but to Duluna it's My Mom :)

Next to come... A full reveiw of TANKGIRL!!!
Here it is!! I am going to be doing this one, I being Cleo.. I seem to have a *slight* obsession with this movie **grin** I even Brought...PICTURES!! he he!
Rated: Uh, I have no idea, but i am sure it's bad.. Maybe R.. hehe... Not Like I was supposed to see it but I have my contacts. ::elbows Duluna, smiles::

Story: "It's the year 2033, there's no law, no mercy, and no water. The odds of survival are A thousand to one, and that's just the way SHE likes it." Quoted directly from the Movie ad... hehe...

Cast of Characters: The Evil Kata dude, Tankgirl aka crud! I forgot her real name..oh well, Jet, Samantha, and the rippers. Rippers kick!!

Main Characters: I already named them oops. So here goes.

Kata- he runs Water and Power... this big evil corperation that owns all the water. He reminds me of Kirqut, evil evil evil.. but I guess he would fit in as SAURIEN... ick. He likes Tank girl, and tortures her so she'll halp him, but she doesn't. She stays strong... you go girl!! kata is played by Malcom Mc Dowel, he kicks in this movie!!

Tankgirl- She lived in a home with her buds and her Boy toy (uh, dunno his name at the moment) and his kid (Samantha... er... sam) and they steal water, they pump it out from under the house that WP(water and power) haven't gotten into yet. Eventually they do, and Tank girl Starts to KILL KILL KILL!!! She's a bit likle ME and a bit like mom... mom being Mallory of course...Sorry, I'm a bit over enthusiastic...

Jet- Tankie (tankGirl) met her when she was bneing tortured by the Kata Dude, Tankie got jet outta some scrapes. There is always this one guy who keeps "hitting" on Jet, while Jet is a... well, she's a wuss, in the beginning. So Jet sticks with Tankie and Jet helps Tankie work with Machines.. Jet is SDuch A wiz with Machines!! She is like Tanya or Tayshia... She Kicks!

Sam- not in the movie THAT much, but she is Tankie's Old boyfriends Daughter, that Tankie loves with all her heart... and she has this little pain ball thing that kicks!! "the clapper"!!! hehe!! it Kicks!! Sam Kicks!!

The rippers: No one is supposed to have seen them, but Tankie and Jet later do... there are alot of them well, seven at least.. and Tankie "dates" one of them, Booga is his name, at the end of the movie. Ice T plays one of them named, uh.. I forgot, but he used to be a cop. THEY KICK!!

In a nut shell, they all kick, the movie Kicks and the clapper Kicks, and you can E-mail us or leave a message on the board after you've seen it, and chew us out if you think other wise.. I give you my promise I will write back Screaming in your ear. If you are too young to see the movie, get some one older to get it for you.
Duluna: What a positive infulence you are Cleo!
Tayshia: I know, look what she's done to me!! HE HE! Aren't ya Proud?!

Pictures! That's Sam...
This is Tankgirl..well, from the movie.
This Is The Kata dude and Tankgirl..he is being evil again in this picture. I hope My friends and I will put more movies here that you can watch. Leave messages on the message board if you agree or disagree with our matching up the characters with the Mighty Ducks that we did.
"Back to The Penalty Box" "But I'm not finshed with the movie!"