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Hi people, cops, managers, cats, and Alien Ducks! This place is being fixed up so please visit regularly and we will have more. Cleo has been updating DAILY and we are trying our best to keep people interested! Don't give up on us!!! We can make a great web page. The PuckWorld Ducks here are Tayshia, Duluna, Mysty, and Cleo... Gallery is with us in spirit, we hope...
First we have to warn you about the new place... the Bomb shelter... Cleo's friends hang out there and... well, if you've ever met Cleo...
Cleo: Hey!! No warning them thats no fair!!!

Last Updated April 4, 2001

By Duluna

Mysty's Apartment 

Mysty:Welcome to my place! 
Hmmm... this redecorating job isn't too bad. 
Come check it out!
Everyone else: Nice paint job! 

Cleo's Bomb Site! 

Cleo:(Decked out in loaded Guns, and smiles) 
Got Matches??? No matches?!--Go away!!
Tayshia:*Pouts* I have my 
Omni-tool that has a lighter in it... 
Cleo: Come on in... Heck, Fire is Fire...

Duluna's Realm

Duluna: This is under so much constrution! 
*puts on a hard hat*

Tayshia's Bunk

Tayshia:Just can't get rid of me can you?
Cleo: We try! Oh! How hard we do try...
Tayshia: Nothing You can do can Save 
you now! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Gallery's Homepage

Duluna: First she moves out of the pond 
into a new house and now she has 
her own page!*Sniffle*
Gallery: Oh,quit your belly acheing!


Duluna:  Links. Oh the insanity.
Careful Where You Tread . . . .


People that found our page by some miracle!

Tayshia: There wasn't anything Miraculous about it... once they saw the end of my puck blaster... hee hee hee
Cleo: ::moans:: Whatever TayTay...

Disclaimer: We have nothing to do with Disney! Thank You! Cleo belongs to Kitty Kat Cleo. Tayshia belongs to herself. 
Mysty belongs to herself. Gallery belongs to herself. Duluna belongs to ToonQueen.