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Second Generation!

The second generation ducks were all, with the exception of one, born on Earth and raised around humans, as well as they are all, with the exception of that same one, in a group called the Second Squad. It is the second group of the Mighty Ducks, to preserve the peace and keep, you know, Dragonous, Tracie (you'll know her later) and other mysterious, and usually evil, things at bay!

Tayshia Flashblade!
Tay:? thankyou, thankyou, yes I do lead the Second squad into battle, and I get to wear the mask! Even if I was the second oldest, I got to be the Leader! Yeay!
Luke L'Orange
Mollisa L'Orange

Lukie: I should have been the leader.. I am the oldest.. but atleast I got the role I have without my DAD's help...
Tay: Hey! Just 'cause my dad is commander doesn't mean ..
Wildwing doing his rounds: Hi pumpkin!
Tay: Hi Daddy! Lukes being an idiot again!
*Luke rolls his eyes*
Lukie: I think I hear Cleo calling me... So if you excuse me I'll leave you with a rag to wipe off that brown stuff off your nose, Tayshia....
*Tay sticks her tongue out at Luke as Wildwing looks away and Luke walks away*