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Reltives of Drake Ducane Chapter I “YOU’LL NEVER GET AWAY WITH THIS DRAGONUS” yelled Duluna while she was tied up in a dark alley. Dragonus laughed. “You ducks are so stupid” bellowed Dragonus. “To let one weak girl walk outside all alone in the middle of the night.

“WEAK” said Duluna threatingly “Untie these ropes and I’ll show you how weak I am lizard-lips.” Dragonus ignored her outburst. Wraith appeared.

“Tell us all the story’s that surround your flimsy hero Drake Ducane.” asked Wraith harshly.

“If you lizards need a bedtime story buy a nursery rhyme book.” spoke Duluna

“Silence duck,” said a upset Dragonus “We can make this easy or hard on you.” Dragonus then flashed his ray gun in Duluna’s beak.

“Fine” said Duluna worriedly. “But come a little closer to hear, my throat is sore.” Dragonus stepped closer. Duluna spit on him and spoke “Haven’t you ever heard of bait.”

Suddenly from the roof top came the sound of Nosedive playfully yelling “Charge.” Terry jumped from the building with roller blades on and skated down the dumpster to the ground. He used his puck gun to shot the ray gun from Dragonus’s hand. Nosedive came down at about the same time. He skated down the dumpster and grabbed Duluna in one fail swoop. Tanya shot rope puck at Wraith from the rooftop above. Mysty tried the same to Dragonus. Wraith had already telaported out. Then Dragonus also telaported away before Mysty’s puck could hit him.

“Well that was fun” said Terry

“Hey, better that seeing the 10:00 movie” said Duluna as she quickly untied herself before Tanya could even get to her to cut the ropes with her Omni-Tool.

At the Pond by Drake 1

“Oh I can’t wait till New year’s eve tomorrow” said Terra as she clasped her hands in joy. “It is going to be the biggest party yet.”

“That’s only if Dragonus doesn’t attack” said Wildwing. He had the mask on. “Has anyone seen Tanya?” asked Wing

“She went with Nosedive, Terry, Duluna, and Mysty to see a movie.” said Gallery

“I didn’t know she liked their taste in movies” said Mallory.

“Knowing them they probably went to see New Years Massacre part 8.” “Wait A minute, the theater is closed for New Years weekend.” said Wildwing

“Awh darn, they probably went out teasing Dragonus again and I didn’t go, Darn it.” said Dan

“What did you say?” asked Wildwing

“Nothing” said Dan while twiddling his thumbs

“Have some of you been going out to deliberately start trouble with Dragonus?” asked Wildwing

“Its the new fad with the young ones” said Gallery

“Starting fights with Dragonus is not a game. What are they thinking?” said Wildwing

scolding look from Wildwing. “We better get in the Migrator and find them before they get in trouble.” said Wildwing

Wildwing, Terra, Dan, Gallery and Mallory searched for Nosedive, Duluna, Mysty, and Terry in the Migrator.

“Why would Tanya help with such childishness” said Wildwing.

“She probably thought they were going to a movie” said Gallery

“It is the holiday season, and It is fun to do.” said Terra

“You call getting a 10 ton lizard ticked off and chase you fun?” said Mallory

“Well, Its kinda like how humans run from bulls in Spain.” said Dan.

“I never really thought of it in that way.” said Terra.

“Well, I still forbid anyone from doing anything like this again. I’m sure Chrono would agree with me.” said Wildwing

Back at the alley

Chrono’s white Toyota pulls up in front of the five.

“I found you all with tracking system” said Chrono from the window of the car. “All of you been up to what have been doing?” asked Chrono.

“We were just playing bait with Dragonus” said Terry as he put his arm around Mysty’s shoulders.

“How could you do that thing doing it without asking me to come, I find look on that red reptile’s face humorous.” said Chrono. “Well, I have go to the store that sells the candy. Bye.” Chrono then drove off

Terry, Mysty, Duluna and Nosedive and Tanya piled in Duluna’s car to go back to the pond on the way back they passed the Migrator going in the opposite direction. The Migrator stopped and pulled over. Duluna did the same to find out what was the matter.

In the Migrator

“Can I use my Christmas present from Chrono, Please.” pleaded Dan.

“Sure go ahead.” said Wildwing. Dan pulled out a bullhorn and opened the top to the Migratorut a bullhorn and opened the top to the Migrator and popped out his head. He spoke to the five getting out of the car.

“Everyone stop what you or doing or Wildwing will be forced to ground you.” blared Dan from his bullhorn. “Your all grounded from doing "it" until Spring.”

“Dan,” whispered Mallory to Dan “Tanya’s in that car.”

“Except for Tanya” said Dan through the bullhorn

“Give me that” said Mallory as she pulled the bullhorn from Dan. Everyone should be glad that Wildwing was wearing the mask or he would be embarrassed as Hell. Everyone knows Tanya was.

“Just go back to the pond” said Mallory in a sighing voice. while hitting Dan with the bullhorn.

Chapter 2

Interrupted Party

When they all got to the pond Duluna quickly avoided the lecture on “not picking fights with Dragonus” by telling Wildwing she had “Motherly duties” to do with little new born Mersadetis. Nosedive also tried to get out of being yelled at by telling he needed to help Duluna with her “Motherly duties.” Wildwing was almost going to dismiss his brother too until Duluna whispered something to the effect of “Liar, you just want to see me feed her...” to Dive.

Wildwing discussed why you can’t tease Dragonus with the others. He didn’t seem to point the conversation toward Tanya even though she was there helping them. Terry wasn’t really listening. He just stood there nodding his head. Mysty pretended she was really sorry. Nosedive was too busy thinking about how big Duluna’s coconuts had grown after Mersadetis was born. He then thought of what Mersadetis would be like when she was older. He envisioned her playing bait with Dragonus while he cheered in the background of his daydream. Wildwing said a word sorta loud which snapped Nosedive out of his trance. He then started thinking of Duluna’s bonbons again. Wildwing dismissed them. Nosedive quickly ran to Duluna and his room. Before he got there Duluna heard Mersadetis squeal, which is something she does when her daddy is within a fifteen feet radius. Duluna quickly buttoned her shirt up before Nosedive got in the room.

“Oh,” said Duluna “Your just in time to change her diaper”

“Darn” thought Nosedive “I have diaper duty.” He gently took his little girl from Duluna’s arms to take her to the changing table.

Everyone went to bed. They woke up the next day to New Year’s Eve. Terra had done most of the planning for the party this year. Streamers hung from everywhere and the works. Four year old Luke loved the pretty colors of everything. Phil complained about the price of everything. Kirqut and Anna came up from Malibu to visit Mersadetis was being passed around like a hot potato for everyone who was willingly to hold her. But she still liked being held by Mommy and Daddy best. The party was fun. It seemed to go by so fast. It soon became five minutes to the new year. Everyone was together by Drake one watching the T.V. as the count down would start in four minutes. And then Drake One’s alarm went off. Dragonus was shooting down a park downtown.

“Awh man,” said Dan

“Better go, should go check out the problem.” said Chrono while looking at Wildwing to confirm the idea of going.

“Let’s go team” said Wildwing as he put on the mask. “Duluna, Dan, Terra, Kirqut and stay here and keep watch.” He paused and looked around “Where’s Mysty and Terry?”

In Terry’s Room The sheets on Terry’s bed move as he and Mysty “sleep” underneath them. They stop and Terry pops his head out from underneath the sheet.

“I think I heard the alarm go off” said Terry

“Your imagining it” said Mysty as she pulled Terry’s head back under the covers and kissed him.

“I guess your right” said Terry when Mysty released him from the kiss. “Anyways, we’re not important characters in this story so we can do what we want.”

“Oh, I like that concept” said Mysty as Terry and her started back at what they were doing before Drake One’s alarm interrupted them. Its such a rude computer to interrupt such actions between characters.

In the Migrator

Every one else who wasn’t busy doing WHO KNOWS WHAT, went into the Migrator. Tanya was so disappointed with the party being put on hold. This would be the first New Year’s her and Wildwing were married. She was also looking forward to that big smackaro Wildwing was going to give her at the end of the New Year’s countdown. Since only six ducks can fit in the Migrator, Wildwing and Tanya road on motorcycles ahead of them. When they all got to the park the Dino threeo attacked them. Like the average fight, pucks and corny jokes were thrown. Also, when Tanya drove up on the motorcycle Wraith threw a fire ball. Wildwing tried to get to Tanya to stop it but Anna already knock Tanya out of the way. The fireball then hit Tanya’s motorcycle, exploding it to pieces.

The big lizards finally left in defeat and disappeared. So the Ducks began to leave. But Tanya was left with no motorcycle so Wildwing let her double up with him. He offered to do so with no thought needed. Tanya hopped on the back of Wildwing’s motorcycle and ever so gently put her arms around his waist. Wildwing didn’t know what to think of this. He had doubled up with Tanya before, but this time it felt different. He let out a silent sigh to himself. He revved the motor and hit the gas to go. Wildwing and Tanya drove to pond without a word between him. Wildwing’s mind was going wild. He imagined the feeling of Tanya’s arms moving a little lower down his waist.

“Oh my” thought Wildwing as he thought Tanya was going to do something she just wouldn’t do.

“Wildwing! watch out” shrieked Tanya as Wildwing was driving towards the lamp post at the side of the road. Wildwing snapped out of it and started paying attention to the road. He looked down at where Tanya’s arms were around his waist. They were a safe distance away.

“Oh boy” thought Wildwing as he imagined the feeling of Tanya’s soft delicate hands go up his armor.