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Future Visit One

The Mighty Ducks are by Drake One except for Nosedive. Who is at the comic book store. Suddenly Drake one starts beeping.

Wildwing with the mask on: "What is it Tanya?"
Tanya: "It seems ta be the Raptor."
Mallory, angry and surprised: "But we got rid of those Saurian creeps."
Tanya: "Well, ah guess that wasn't enough."
Duke: "Then we will just have to stop him again."
Suddenly Drake one starts beeping again.
Tanya: "There seems ta be some sort of portal opening at the park near the mall."
Wing: "Does this have anything to do with Dragaunus?"
Tanya: "Um, well, uh, Drake 1 can't really tell."
Wildwing: "Duke and Mallory, I want you to get Nosedive and check out the portal. The rest of us will see what Dragaunus is up to."
Duke, kind of reluctant: "Sure."
Nosedive at the mall looking at comics. Slash and Mooky are in the background. Suddenly there is a faint crash sound from outside. At the same time Dive's communicator beeped.
Duke's voice over the communicator: "Hey Dive, There is a disturbance near the mall. Go check it out. I'll be there in a minute."
Nosedive: "No Problemo." Then to Mookie and Slash. "I'll be back later guys." He then runs out of the store while morphing into battle mode.
As Nosedive came to the park a blue gate could be seen closing. Then the sound of a branch cracking was heard. Unheard to Nosedive was the whisper of two young woman.
Woman 1: "I'll take care of them and you go ahead"
Woman 2, slightly younger voice: "Remember not to let them catch you and DON'T CHANGE HISTORY."
Duke and Mallory arrive at the park and come up to Dive
Woman 1: "O.K." then it changed to concern. "Are you sure you want to go through with this Tayshia."
Woman 2/Tayshia: "yes" She then hesitated and ran in the opposite direction of where the Mighty Ducks were searching.
Mallory heard someone behind a tree and shot at the sound.
Nosedive: "Boy, your trigger happy."
Mallory "I heard something over there"
Duke stepped over by the tree; his Sabor pulled out ready for attack. He looked around the tree and saw no one there.
Duke: "There's nothing there."
Unknown to Duke and Nosedive, Mallory did see someone. She was in the tree right above Nosedive.

The shadowy figure in the tree decided she was in trouble. She then transformed to battle mode. Nosedive saw the glimmer of light in the tree. It shot a grappling hook to the next tree and a 20ish year old female duck could be seen swinging from that tree to the other.
Then the group quickly got to the other tree. The mysterious figure then again shot the grappling hook to another tree. But Duke threw his sabor at the rope causing it to break. And then the mysterious girl fell and quickly got up. But Mallory, Duke, and Nosedive had there blasters pointed at her.
Mallory: "Don't move!"
Woman 1: "Hey, don't shoot me O.K." The girl's jet-black hair glimmered in the sun. Her yellow feathers were ruffled.
Duke: "You look very familiar" The girl was silent for a minute and then she ran in the opposite direction. Nosedive shot her with a sleep puck
Woman 1: "Damn it!" said the girl as she fell to the ground and succumbed to the sleep gas.

Back with the others in the Migrator
Tanya: "The sensors aren't picking up the Raptor anymore."
Wing: "Could of it just been a glitch?"
Tanya: "Well, that isn't im- impos- it could happen."
Grin: "I feel a odd disturbance. Something isn't right."
Suddenly saurian, younger and smaller than Dragaunus but still looked much like him, comes into view. He is wearing black armor like Wildwing's but with white spandex. He held a large bazooka and had it aimed at one building.
Wing: "What the feathers?"
Tanya: "He is gonna blow up that building."
Grin: "Definitely a disturbed soul."
Wing: "We have to stop him!"
They jumped out of the Migrator and stopped. The building shimmers in light. The Raptor took it's place. The trio gasp.
Saurian: "Take this father!"
Wing: "Did he say 'father'?"
They stand there puzzled for a minuet while the young saurian takes aim at the building. Just than a young Female Duck with blond hair and feathers ran up to him. She knock's him over and the bazooka shot just over the Raptor.
In the Raptor Dragaunus hits Chameleon.
Dragaunus: "Get us out of here!"
Chameleon changing into Igor: "Yes master."
Back out side the group watched the Raptor take off. Wildwing, Tanya, and Grin rush over to the two.
Saurian whining to girl: "Why'd you stop me?"
Wildwing raising his gun: "Who are you and what is going on?"
Girl nervously: "Um... we really can't say.
Saurian to girl: "Oh come on Tayshia! Give it a rest and tell them who we are."
Tayshia to Saurian: "Rex! We're not even suppose to be here. The three looked at each other and then back at the two.
Tanya to the two: "Can ya at least tell us the stuff ya can say?"
Tayshia: "Well, I'll have to talk to Mersadetis and think about it."
Wildwing: "You guy's can stay with us for the time being, I guess."
Tayshia to Wildwing: "I guess we could stay a while."
Wildwing pointing to Saurian: "He can be trusted can't he?"
Tayshia nodded and Rex rolled his eyes. The group head back to the migrator.
Back with the others at the park.
Mersadetis sits tied down to the back of Dives motorcycle.
Mersadetis sarcastically to Dive: "Way to catch someone, knock them unconscious."
Duke to Mersadetis while getting on his bike: "Hey show a little respect."
Mallory to boys: "Who do you think she is?"
Duke answering: "Probably works for Dragaunus Remember Lucida Dacoy?"
Nosedive: "Yeah, I remember that episode."
Mallory to Dive: "From what I remember, you wanted a date with her." Mersadetis rolls her eyes in background.
Mersadetis: "Way to go Nosedive."
Duke to Mersadetis: "Hey how do you know his name?"
Mersadetis to Duke smirking: "Same way I know yours Duke."
Mallory to Mersadetis: "So what's your name?"
Mersadetis: "It's Mersadetis."
Nosedive to others: "Who would name a kid after a car?" Mersadetis starts laughing uncontrollably.
Mersadetis to all of them: "For you information my dad. I was almost born in a Mercedes. Of course my uncle thought it was a good idea, and my godmother's a bitch and didn't care."
Nosedive to Mersadetis: "Woah, your family is weird."
Mersadetis: "You have no idea."
Duke: "Well, lets lock her up back at the headquarters."
Mersadetis: "I'm not working with Dragaunus."
Mallory: "Then why did you set off a explosion in the park."
Mersadetis: "That wasn't a explosion, that was a gate. If it was a explosion the park would be singed."
Nosedive: "Come to think of it, there was no damage or roasted park animals around."
Mallory: "But she does seem dangerous, let's take her back just to be safe."
Back at the pond:
Rex whispering to Tayshia: "The place looks really different."
Tayshia whispering back: "Well things changed."
Wildwing to both of them: "We have a few extra room's if you like to follow me."
Tayshia: "We need to find our comrade soon. Her name is Mersadetis."
Tanya: "I'll try to contac...contac...tell the others." Wing agrees and led newcomers to the newly redone bunk area. Pointing to door on the left: "Uh...Rex is it? You can have this one and Tayshia can have the one across the hall."
Tayshia to Wildwing: "Thank you." Than poking Rex.
Rex: "Oh yeah, thank you." Wildwing nods and heads back to the Ready room.
Tanya to Wing: "Do you really believe about what they, ya know, said?"
Wing answering her: "I'm not sure, but I have a feeling we have to trust them to figure this out."
Grin: "I feel good Karma in them..."
Tanya: "I feel something too. It's, ya know, weird."
Wing: "I think it's odd to Tanya but we just has to trust..."

Interrupted by elevator door opening and Nosedive.
Dive: "You will not believe what happened to us at the park!"
Wing to his brother: "We have something to tell you to."
Dive interrupts Wing: "There we are in the park right? And me being calm and cool about it, is leading the way when we met..." Dive trails off as he sees their shocked expression as they see Mersadetis.
Tanya: "What's that girls name?"
Mersadetis with a slight chip on her shoulder: "Names Mersadetis, please to meet you."
Wildwing: "Bro, she not a enemy. Two of her friends are here right now."
Mersadetis happily: "Rex and Tay! You can untie me now Blondie." Nosedive reluctantly untied Sadie.
In Rex's room.
Rex: "Why did you stop me from blasting the saurians. If they are gone now then they will never bug any of you ducks."
Tayshia: "You were changing history drastically. Do you think Duluna would of stuck around Nosedive of her own free will if there were no saurians to fight?"
Rex: "Huh?"
Tayshia: "A lot of us duck kids wouldn't be born if our parents weren't fighting Dragonus side by side for most of there life. Oddly enough, it was something that kept them close. Get it?"
Rex: "Yes, I'm not stupid."
Tayshia: "Tomorrow morning we are leaving to go back to the future. Hopefully we will find Mersadetis tomorrow."
Rex: "I was just thinking maybe . . ." Suddenly there is a knock on the door. The door opened and there was Wing, Dive, Tanya and Sadie. "Hey Mer!" Rex hugged her gently the sight of a saurian and a duck hugging was a little unsettling for the three other ducks.
Tanya: "I take it this was the girl youse were looking for?"
Tay: "Yep, thanks. Sadie, want to bunk with me."
Mersadetis: "I was thinking of bunking with . . .." looking over at the ducks, she knew her bunking with Rex would be a shock. "Never mind." She said.
Wing: "Well if you need anything, just ask one of us." He nodded at the others and they left.
Dive: "What's a Saurian doing here? Do you think it's a trap?"
Wing: "I don't know Dive to be honest." Tanya quietly: "I say we can trust Rex. I think he's ok." Wing to Tanya: "I hope you're right." Dive as they go into the Ready room: "Where do you think they're from?" Wing: "I wish I knew." The others came into the ready room. Mallory asking Wildwing: "Who are the other two?" Wing to her: "Tayshia and Rex." Mallory: "Rex? What kind of name is that for a duck?" Tanya, Wildwing, and Nosedive give each other uneasy looks. Dive unsure: "He's a Saurian." Mallory and Duke together: "WHAT?" Duke: "A saurian? And you let him in here?" Tanya: "He's actually O.K., and the girls seem trust him. Anyways, there is a listening device in his room so if he tries to contact Dragonus we'll know." Mallory: "I guess it is O.K. then, if we keep a eye on him." Dive: "Hey, this might sound weird but does anyone find the Mersadetis chick familiar?" Duke: "Yeah." Mallory, Ignoring Duke and Dive's conversation: "So, we can here what goes on in Rex's room from Drake 1?" Tanya: "Yep," Mallory: "Can we listen in right now?' Tanya: "I guess so." Tanya then hits a few buttons on Drake one. (Overheard) Mersadetis: "What do you mean your not in the mood!" Rex: "It's just weird to be going at it in the past, I mean, we aren't even born yet." Some kisses Mersadetis gives Rex is heard. Mersadetis: "Pretty please?" Rex: "Well, since you put it that way." Back at Drake-one: Tanya turning off the speaker: "That's about enough." The Ready room was now oddly silence. Duke: "This is an unusual twist." Dive: "It's also very unexpected." Mallory: "That was the worst thing I ever heard!" Duke: "I'm confused." Tanya to Wildwing ignoring the others: "What do ya think he meant?" Wildwing shocked: "What?" Tanya: "I meant when he said that about being in the past." Wing truthfully: "I wasn't really paying attention." Tanya: "oh, well, maybe we should go talk to Tayshia." Wing: "That was what I thought to do." A few moments later, there was a knock at Tayshia's door. Thinking it was Rex and Mersaties, she opened it. Instead she found her self looking at Tanya and Wildwing. Wildwing: "May we come in?" Tayshia reluctantly: "Sure." They come in and sit at the table. Wing to Tayshia: "Are you sure you can't tell us anything?" Tayshia: "Well, I really don't know. My mothers didn't tell me to say anything to you when I left." Tanya: "Your mother? Did she send you here?" Tayshia nervously: "No, not really." She shifted in her seat. Wing: "Well are you sure you can't say anything? Because what ever it is, we can understand." Tayshia: "You wouldn't understand this." Tanya accidentally blurting out: "Are... are you from the future?" Tayshia stares at her. Tayshia: "How did you figure out?" Wildwing surprised: "So you are from the future?" Tayshia getting up: "I should talk to the other's before I say anything more." Tanya: "Uh... I wouldn't go there." Tayshia looks at her. "The way we figured this out was uh... I sorta bugged the rooms." Suddenly Tayshia smiles. Tayshia: "Yeah, that sounds like you." Wing: "Can you tell us why you came. Evidently it has something to do with us." Tayshia: "Us?" she looked at Tanya and Wing like they were just talking about just the two of them. Wing: "Yeah, the Mighty Ducks." Tayshia: "Oh, Well, you see, It's been cleared up so my friends and I shall be leaving tomorrow." Tanya: "I guess ya don't want ta change anymore. That's why there is the shush treatment, so you don't tell us stuff about our future." Tayshia: "Exactly." Wing with sudden concern: "We're all still alive in the future right?" Tayshia: "Yep, Dragaunus hasn't won if that is what you mean," Wing: "Oh good. Is he still up to his old tricks?" Tay: "Not saying any more. You'll have to see." Wing: "Well, we'll leave so you can get some sleep." He and Tanya leave. Tanya to Wildwing in the hall: "She seems nice." Wing: "There's something about her though. I couldn't place my finger on it." Tanya: "Yeah, I felt it to. Odd." Wing: "I wonder what will happen to us in the future." Tanya srugging: "It's nothing I really, ya know, thought about." Wildwing: "What do you think now you thought of it?" Tanya: "I think it'll pretty much be like now." Wing: "Yeah I'm sure you're right." They look at each other for a while. Tanya: "Uh... I got ta go fix that puck blaster." Wing: "Yeah, and I need to talk to the others." they both go separate directions quickly. In a dark alley a gate opens. First duck squeezing through the gate: "Geesh Karm, watch where you put your elbow." The young male gray duck then fell beak first on the pavement. The second duck, also a male came more easily out of the portal. He was younger but more muscular built. He helped the gray duck up. Second duck: "I distinctively remember Aunt Tanya telling you to wait till I was fully through the gate before you came in." First duck: "Sorry! God, touchy- touchy" Second duck: "Tay, Mer, and Rex are probably at the Pond" First duck: "Excuse me, who is the leader of this search and rescue." Second duck with a sigh: "You are" First duck: "Right, now the most logical place they would be is the pond." Second duck: "I just said that." First duck: "Don't speak unless spoken to! Now come on!" The gray duck moves ahead with the muscular one following far behind. Second duck to himself: "Boy, am I glad he is just the temporary leader till Tayshia gets back" First duck: "I heard that! Just because you are the leader's boyfriend doesn't mean you don't have to obey me." Second duck: "Even without the mask she is better leader than you." First duck: "I would have the mask if my father had it, but no, the Ex-thief can't be leader. Just have him swing his sword over there in the background, that'll be good enough for him." Second duck: "What in the heck is wrong with you!" First duck walking back to Second duck: "This is the first time I have a chance to prove my leadership skills to my dad and the rest of the gang." Second duck: "I see." First duck calming down: "Come on, Karma, we better find the girls and Rex." Second duck (Karma): "O.K. Luke, I'm right behind you." First duck (Luke): "Is that spouse to reassured me?" Karma shrugging: "I don't no." Luke kind of sighing: "Let's go catch a bus." Karma: "Thought of everything huh?" Luke: "Yup…" Karma smiling: "Bring money?" Luke stunned: "Uh…." Karma: "Good thing aunty Tanya loaned me some." Luke: "She's not even your aunt." Karma: "Well everyone else calls her that… Even Maximum." Luke getting ticked: "Let's go get the bus huh." Karma laughing a bit: "Ok, ok, we'll go." Luke turning around and walking to the bus stop: "Thank you. Now I'll prove I'm a good leader." Karma following starts to choke the air. Luke turns quickly but only sees Karma twiddling with his thumbs. A half an hour later: Tanya reached for her com on her end table putting down her novel. She had on her normal etier before bed, a T-shirt and Jean shorts. Her hair thrown in a ponytail. She looked at it. Someone was trying to access the elevator. She quickly stood up and looked for her shoes. In the locker room: Karma: "Are you sure you don't need help?" Luke who was busy trying to figure out the old code: "Hey, my parents are a thief and technical genius. I think I can figure it out." Karma: "But it's one of Aunt Tanya's codes not your mothers." Then the door opens. Luke smugly: "See, I got it to open." Karma just looks past him and Luke turns to see what he was looking at. "Tayshia?" Tanya shakes her head and replies: "Nope, but I'll take it as compliment." Karma shocked, surprised, and just COMPLETELY dumbfounded: "Aunty Tanya?!?" Tanya sighing: "You're friends of Tayshia, Mersadetis and Rex aren't ya?" Karma snapping out of it: "Uh yes. We are." Luke: "Aunty Tanya… You look so young!" Tanya: "Thank you so much. Grin and Duke are just gonna love you two." They nodded in replied. "Well, come on, I'll show ya ta ya room." Tanya said heading back into the elevator. Karma and Luke look at each other than shrugging followed. They couldn't seem to get over how Tanya looked in the past. Tanya took them to the bunk area. "I suppose ya Tiered so you two can take these two room's." Karma: "Thank you." Luke: "See you in the morning." Tanya nods as she walks away. Tanya mumbling to herself: "It should be an interesting breakfast." The next morning Tanya was up bright and early. Surprise, surprise after the arrival of Luke and Karma. She saw Nosedive and Wing come down the stairs. Tanya: "Hey, is Grin or Duke up yet?" Dive: "Uh, no, why you want to know?" Tanya: "We got in some knew guests from the future last night." Wing: "Really? What does Grin and Duke being up have to do with it?" Tanya: "The two guests look a lot like Duke and Grin." Dive: "Duke and Grin came from the future!" Tanya: "No they look different than Duke and Grin." Dive: "But you just said . . . . . ." Wing: "Then that means that they are related to them." Tanya: "Or their children." Wing and Dive: "What?" Tanya: "It makes sense. We know Rex is Dragaunus's son. Why can't there be children of our own." Nosedive counting on his fingers: "But there is four of them and two kinda look like sisters, but if the two boys look different. There is only two of you girls. And Tan, would you have kids?" Tanya: "Mallory really gets around." Nosedive: "Well, Yah." Than the two newcomers' came into the Ready room. Tanya: "Hey guys!" Wildwing and Nosedive kept on looking at the two, than at each other, than back at them. Nosedive: "Who are your mothers?" Karma: "You don't know them yet." Luke: "Yeah, you meet them later as well as some other ducks." Diver: "Oh. Do I get a girlfriend?" Luke confused: "Didn't the others tell you all that stuff earlier?" Tayshia in doorway coming into the room: "No we didn't. Why are you two here?" Luke: "We'll tell you later." The door opened again and Duke and Grin came in followed by Mallory. They both froze at the sight of Luke and Karma. Luke: "Hi Dad." Karma: "Hi Dad." Duke: "Yikes." Grin: "I'm going back to bed." He turns around but Mersaties and Rex blocked the door. Rex: "Is everyone from the future coming." Karma: "No, my sisters, the twins are staying with mom. And Mallory's twins are staying with her, which is reasonable because they're only 8" Mallory: "What! I have kids!" Luke: "Yup…" Grin ignoring others to Karma: "You have sisters that are twins?" Karma: "Yeah." Dive: "Poor Grins girlfriend." Luke looking at Rex: "You didn't do anything with my cousin Rex. Did you?" Rex nervously: "Um, of course not. A duck and a saurian? That's unthinkable." Mersadetis: "We didn't do a thing." Luke: "Whatever, I can just check out the tape library back home." Sadie angrily: "What! WHAT! I'll kill you!" She then starts chasing Luke around and even drew her sword, which Duke recognized. Luke then pulled a sword that looked much like Duke's but silver. The little play sword fight went on while the others talked. Duke surprised: "That sword Mersadetis has looks, looks like my little sister's sword. Karma: "Well she is Duluna's daughter." Duke: "Duluna is alive!!!!" Tayshia: "Karm, lets cut this conversation short and just tell me why are you here?" Karma: "Um, we need to tell you in private." Luke and Sadie stopped their sword fight. Tayshia: "You've seemed to tell everything else publicly." Karma: "This is serious Tay, something's gone wrong." Mersadetis concernedly: "We haven't changed history, have we?" Luke: "No, someone else does . . . . ." Tayshia: "Who?" Karma: "That's the thing we have to tell you in private." Mersadetis: "Tracie?" Karma: "Might be." Tayshia: "What do you mean might?" Luke whining: "Lets go talk about this privately." Karma: "Your mom gave us a note to give you." Karma handed Tayshia the note. Tayshia opened the piece of paper and read it to herself. Tayshia: "I see." She stuffed the note in her pocket. "But I'm not going back to my time just because mom is a worried wart." Karma: "She has reason to be worried!!!!" Tayshia: "I'm not going back yet. If she's here it is my fight." Duke: "Um… hello… were still in the dark here." Nosedive: "What's going on?" Wildwing answering Dive: "I don't know." Karma to other future kid's: "I think we should tell them who we are. They practically know everything." Tayshia nod's. Tayshia leaving the room: "Just don't tell them who I am." Karma: "Well, I'm Grin and Nina's kid…" Grin: "Who's Nina…?" Karma: "My mom…" Grin: "Oh…" Luke: "And of course I'm Duke and Gallery's son." Tanya: "I knew someone named Gallery once…" Luke: "Yeah, mom. Gallery Knix." Mersadetis: "Well…I'm Duluna and…" Luke goes over to Duke, "Nosedives daughter." Duke: "WHAT! I'll kill you." He turned to Dive. Luke grabbing his dad's shoulder: "Dad, calm down. You accepted it in the future. Accept it now." Duke start's to grumble to himself. Mersadetis: "Thanks Luke." Luke: "You owe me." Mersadetis: "I already owe you twenty bucks! What can I owe you now?" Mallory: "Who the heck to I go out with?" Karma: "You don't know him yet. His name is Crono and he has the spike mask." Wildwing: "You mean there's another mask?" Karma: "Four to be exact. At least the ones we know about, I think there are a few more." Luke: "Don't look at me. I didn't take them." Wildwing: "This is unbelievable!" Tanya: "I know tell me about it." Mallory: "So who are Tayshia's parents?" Karma: "Uh, we can't say. She doesn't want us to tell." Nosedive: "Aw please… I'll give you a cookie." Karma: "Get away from me." Luke: "Do you really want to know?" Mersaties, Karma, and Rex: "SHUT UP LUKE!" Luke: "What?" Wildwing: "Well if it doesn't have anything to do with why you're here…" Luke: "Well, I'm sorta leader now so… yes it dose." Mersaties, Karma, and Rex: "SHUT UP BEFORE WE ARE FORCED TO HURT YOU!" Luke sarcastically: "Yeah right." Mersatied starting to draw her sword: "Ok that did it. Prepare to die dork of the twenty second century!" Luke backing away from Mersaties: "Hey, just why doesn't Tay want us to tell them her parents? I mean, what is so special about her." Mersadetis: "Well, you know what a nervous wreck Aunt Tanya and Uncle Wing's relationship is at this point…. Opps." Faded Sadie Karma in thought: If Tay finds out they told them I'll have a less of a chance to score. After the shocked look on Wing and Tanya's beaks there was a thud heard to the floor. Mersadetis turned around, thinking it was Aunt Tanya. But Wing lay fainted on the floor. Mersadetis repeated: "Opps, I'm really sorry, it just slipped" Our Fan Fiction