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Duluna looked through the mist and saw a familur figure. A smile crossed the grey duck's beck as she ran up to her brother.

"Oh Duke! I'm so glad to see you." sobed Duluna happily. She threw her arms around her big brother. Duke comforted his sister with a gentle pat on the back.

"I had this awful nightmare that I was captured on Dragounus's ship for so many months, it felt like forever. It was the most frighting experince. But it was only a dream, Only a dream." 

"It'll be O.K." Duke said while stroking the back of Duluna's head with his hand. "All us L'Orange's are survivors, you have to be strong and survive whatever that lizard puts you through."

Duluna looked up at Duke just about to questioned what he said until she woke up. The heat inside the red metal cell made Duluna sick to her stomach. She pushed back the black hair that clunge to her face. Opening her eyes wider, she realized her reunion with Duke was a dream and reality was the nightmare.

"No! No! Nooooo!" cried Duluna.

Duke awoke in a cold sweat. He pushed back the maroon sheets on his bed off of him and sat up.

"Oh Gosh Duke, get a hold of yourself." said Duke softly outloud to himself. "She's gone, She already died years ago."

"Duke . . .Save me . . . ." He heard a faint whisper.

"Duluna!" called Duke as he stood out of his bed. There was no answer. No one was in the room. Duke paused and then sat on the edge of the bed. "I need to switch to decaf." He thenheld back back the tears for his lost sister, Duluna.

It had been three years since Dragaunus attacked Puckworld. The past year of that has been the time the Mighty Ducks have been on earth. On the day Dragaunus attacked Puckworld Duluna was at a museum, which was destroyed. Duke thought Duluna didn't survive in the ruins. But, L'Orange's are survivors, and Duke would soon learn his precious little sister was no exception to this rule.

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