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Interview with The Ducky

A refined gentleman entered the bar, through the clouded smoke of cigars. He paused, looking around for the person he had appointment to meet there. It was situations like this, that made him hate his job. But this informant sounded credible enough on the phone, he would probably meet this person in limbo if he truly had to. He looked around for what the informant said he would be wearing, a white shirt that said something about “stanley”.

The refined reporter then spied the lone duck at the bar counter, sullenly drinking something that looked like a whiskey on the rocks. He was a yellow mallard sitting there with a demeanor of pure uniqueness, even the way he sat on the bar stool seemed to stand out. As a matter of fact, the reported later noted, almost everything he seemed to do made him stand out, simply in the way he did it. His limp, black hair rested at a shoulder length and had a red glimmer to it. His beak was an unusually shiny orange, all of which seemed to offset his eyes, blue, with a red glimmer as if eerily bloodshot, but only seen when he really concentrated. He took a sip from his drink again, and turned to the reporter, even though he had not yet made a sound to make his presence known. He seemed to know the reporter was who he had been waiting for without any introduction.

As the unusual duck on the barstool turned, the reporter could see the wording on the front of his t-shirt, “I won the Stanley Cup and all I got was this stupid T-shirt” and the picture of a golden goblet. He stared at it in confusion, not understanding what the pun of the shirt was.

“Icepick?” asked the reporter, before he approached approached any closer to the bar. He gave a single affirming nod to the reporter speaking his name. The man responding to the name “Icepick” then motioned to the stool next to him for the reporter to sit down. He reached out for the reporters hand to give a formal handshake in greeting.

“You might want to order a drink, this may take a while,” he simply stated as the reporter shook his hand and sat on the stool to the left. The reporter looked over Icepick for a moment, making sure that it had been his first drink of the night, if the man was drunk he would not be credible as an informant. On the contrary, the man looked extremely sober, as if he had walked in just before he had. The reporter made an estimate on Icepick's age, he didn’t want a kid making up a fabricated story, he had not driven all this way to write a fiction novel. He seemed to size up though, looking in his thirties, with just a hint of dignified wrinkles along the smile lines of his odd beak.

The reported ordered a “dying swine” which seemed to be some strange pink liquid in a carafe with two olives and a straw sticking out of it. The reporter then, after taking a sip of his drink, removed a recorder from his pocket, loading it and testing it quickly. He cleared his throat, speaking clearly to Icepick.

“Thank you for meeting me, and for your time, are you ready to begin?” he asked in a monotone voice, very business like as if he had done this many time before. Icepick nodded.

“Yeah, yeah,” he said while sipping his whiskey and placing it back on the bar with a near silent thud.

“Where did you first hear about the search for information on the Original Mighty Ducks?” was the reporters first inquiry.

“I read it in the paper, I’m a big fan of your newspaper. I thought that if I should tell anyone, I should tell a credible and well known paper such as yours.” He stated simply. The reporter seemed impressed for a moment, followed by some suspicion by the sugar coated flattery that Icepick had stated so blatantly.

“And you know there is a reward to any information leading to descendants of the Mighty Ducks.”

“I’m not interested in the money. I just want to tell my story, my father always said a person’s life is not wealthy unless they’ve got a story to tell, and indeed, I have one.” he let a small smile show on his beak. The Reporter looked at him strangely.

“For the record, how many drinks have you had tonight?” He had not meant to sound derogatory, but still came across that way. Icepick took it with incredible tolerance.

“Six,” he stated first, letting the reporter’s face turn to disappointment before finishing his statement. “Six glasses of apple juice.” The reporter blinked and took a closer look at what he had thought was whiskey, indeed, it had the smell of apples and not that of strong alcohol. The look of surprise remained on the reporters face, as the smile on Icepick’s face grew steadily wider and he took another sip from his glass.

“So where should I start?” smirked Icepick as he asked.

“How far back do you know?” was the reply from the now genuinely interested reporter.

“Well as far as any history book goes, when the first six came to that planet... Earth. I know a few more intimate details, but as far back as any book, I’m sure.

“There was The original six that made it to earth, Mallory, Duke, Tanya, Grin, Wildwing and Nosedive, any text book from the second grade could tell you that much. All the text books covered what techniques and abilities they had, but never could they know about their attitudes. The Mighty Ducks were more than the saviors of our species, heroes to your generation and historical figures to those children that read about them, they were also people.

“Mallory was hot tempered, always serious, but I was told she had always been so. She was from a strict military family with two older brothers. She wasn’t expected to follow the military lifestyle, though they never presented any other options. She had joined the military at age 16 shortly after the premature birth of a daughter to a man named Kirqut, who, cruelly, had Mallory give up the little girl upon the day of her birth. As she joined the military, Kirqut left her and soon after, Dragaunus attacked. She had a brief encounter with a Boyfriend, named Downway, on one of the resistance military camps whom died shortly before she joined with the other legendary five.

“Duke, besides being the master swordsman and thief we all knew him to be, was a big ego-ed big brother to nearly any friend, and his little sister, Duluna. Before he joined the infamous “Brotherhood of the Blade” and risen to the rank of leader, he was a part of a small thieves group, led by a computer wise man named Erik. Since his parents had died when he was twelve, and Duluna was three, this thieves guild had become family to the two. It consisted of many other orphaned teenagers that Erik saw ability in and took under his wing. One of the members was a girl named Annabelle and the same Kirqut I mentioned earlier with reference to Mallory. Duke and his sister became separated when Dragaunus attacked, and had thought that they each were dead. Later, they would find out that this, obviously, was an untruth.

“Tanya was always played off in the history books as the intelligent one, filled with technology and knowledge, but she was truly shy and had low self esteem on anything and everything that she did. Thought, when she joined the resistance, she recognized that her talents were needed and lived off the attention she had never gotten before for her achievements. Tanya was never really close to her parents, for they never understood her. She was close to her cousin Erik, and yes, the same Erik I mentioned before, though she had never known of Erik’s criminal tendencies nor had ever met Duke before joining the Original Six.


“Well we’re not looking for their pasts, but more their future, and those futures leading to descendants.” Interrupted the reporter, seeming to be in haste.

“Pasts are a necessity to understanding the reasons for the futures.” Icepick seemed to glare at him.

“Now,” Icepick continued, “Grin was....” he paused, “Grin. The history books spoke of him as the strong, philosopher of the six, and indeed, there is no argument to that. Nor is there any past that is not known about him, no skeletons, no mysteries.

“Wildwing, the hero; Wildwing, the leader; Wildwing, the pessimistic low self imaged half chicken twenty-ish boy shoved into leadership after the loss of his best friend into limbo. He and His younger brother, Nosedive, both came from the middle-class urban life; Loving parents, piano lessons, paper route, white fence... everything. It was unlike many other members of the original six, they came from a close to perfect life until when Dragaunus attacked.”

Icepick paused, looking at the expression on the reporter face as he sipped his apple juice. The reporters expression was odd; as if hearing such things about his race’s historical leaders was blasphemy, the highest of all sacrilege, but his eyes spoke silently of hidden intrigue.

“I was a year later then,” Continued Icepick after putting his glass back onto the bar, “When Duluna returned to her brother side, quite by accident, with some saurian intervention. This should have been a sign of the things to come, that more ducks would come to that distant planet, but the six thought that near impossible at the time.

“Though first it took Duluna a while to fit in, it wasn’t long before she was considered a Mighty Duck herself. At the time of her first coming to earth, she truly despised that who would become her future husband, Nosedive. However, slowly, what barriers she had fall down and she fell in love with the kid brother with the team, whom had been infatuated with her from the start, disregarding the hatred from Duke for such.” Icepick then paused for another sip from his glass to quench his dry throat. The gentle beep from his communicator went off. The reporter hit the stop button on his recorder to conserve record time.

“Hello?” Icepick spoke to the communicator as he raised it to his sight. A female duck with light red feathers and a scaled beak showed on the display. Her smile beamed as her fire opal eyes saw Icepick answer.

“Ipums!” She beamed, “Who’s your friend?” She said, looking to the reporter.

“It’s a reporter, Darling, I’m telling him about the Mighty Ducks,” Icepick smiled.

“Oh, So I guess I can’t ask you to pick up some milk on your way home? How far are you?”

“Introduce him to Duluna, Love, not too far into this.”

“Duluna, Mercedes Mother, Right? Well, Have fun then! Nice meeting you!” She yelled and waved to the reporter before looking to Icepick one final time and blew a kiss through the screen.

“Be home Later, Cindy.”

“Bye!” And Icepick Closed the communicator.

“Who--” started the reporter, silent till now, raising a brow at the quick call. His mouth opened as if to speak more but he was quickly cut off by an explanation.

“My wife,” he said raising his gloved hand, two rings on his fingers outside the glove. One, was a wedding band, the other some sort of congratulatory ring, as if a graduation. “I’ll get to explaining her in due time” Icepick pointed to the recorder. “You may want to turn that back on now.” He grinned as the reporter nodded, hitting the record button to start the machine again. Icepick cleared his throat again.

“As my wife so eagerly pointed out, Duluna and Nosedive spawned but once, thank god” he mumbled under his breath, “A girl child named Mercedes, called such for being born, and by hearsay even conceived, within a earthen vehicle known as a Mercedes, belonging to the Original’s earth friend Phil. Mercedes, will be listed in the lesser known Second Generation, but for now, I must get to the Galaxy Team.

“The Galaxy Team came shortly after Duluna. At first their objective wasn’t clear to the Mighty Ducks, but they realized that they followed the same code and same rule to fighting Dragaunus. They too had also become stranded there, but not by portal. It was caused by endless drifting in space after Dragaunus attacked.

“The galaxy team consisted of Chrono, Terry, Dan, Gallery, Tara, and Sasha.

“Sasha was an ex rock star, though by her demeanor you would never think she was one to begin with. She was very lady like in all she did, but rarely fought on the battle field. She instead used her skills of tactical planning to guide the others in fights.

“Gallery was to the galaxy team the same as Tanya was to the mighty Ducks, she had known Tanya from college. Though at that time, Gallery was twenty, and Tanya was much younger. Tanya at times had more knowledge than Gallery, but Gallery had the art of getting her point across. They never had a rivalry though, but often worked together, helping each other with mistakes and projects. She was also the first duck to be a mother on Earth, which is not surprising since she had soon married the eldest duck on the planet, Duke.

“Tara was the rich snob whom the Galaxy team as forced to let join for her father would pay for the equipment needed. She is not mentioned much, for I doubt anyone would wish to speak of her.

“Dan was simply Dan, he was very good, though, with his veterinary skills, thought I still for the life of me don’t see how it was ever useful to the galaxy team. Also, he was quite fond of small creatures known as hamsters.

“Terry was the wisecracker, there is one in every group, and was sometimes misunderstood to be a mean person. They put up with him though because of his ability to operate any vehicle on sight. This was useful when coming on contact with foreign Saurian vehicles. Though, when the love of his life came, he quickly was whipped... I mean tamed.

“Chrono was the leader, and had many things happen to him. Once he was captured by Dragaunus while still here, where he was tortured for any information over the whereabouts of resistance and resistance information. He did not give in however, and suffered major consequences from the electric torture he suffered, eventually impairing his brain activity and speech. So that many things her said were backwards or repetitive. That, however, did not stop him from being a great leader or falling in love with Mallory.

“On a note, Dan Terry and Chrono found later that they were brothers. Indeed, with this group, it was a small Galaxy. The most surprising information that came with the galaxy team was the existence of more masks. Indeed, there was more than the mask of Drake DuCaine out there, it’s surname being the Mask Of Knowledge. Chrono had a mask that turned silver when activated with a series of Mohawk-like spikes down the center, it was called the Spiked Mask, or The Mask of Strength. Giving him the physical prowess to match even Grin.

“Anna and Kirqut came next separately. Anna came at just the right time, everyone had been inflicted by a virus that she was immune to because of her robotic extremities. Her whole right side was robotic; metal and flesh except her face that remained unhindered by the robotic parts. A while before Dragaunus had attacked this planet, Kirqut and he as a part of Erik’s Thieves Guild had a terrible accident where she was shot several times. Kirqut, thinking her dead and shrieking in grief, had run away from the scene of the crime. He came to Earth being slightly deranged in part from a magic Fire guild. He had come to kill who had been his friend, and like a brother to him, Duke. Ironically, whom he would later become brothers with. Kirqut though, seeing Anna alive, turned against his fiery guild brothers, whom left him on earth with the rest. Mallory, however, despised the situation, and never told anyone of their past together. Though it doesn’t seem clear why a guild of fire mages would want to kill Duke, it has been rumored that L’Oranges were known to dabble in magic.

“Mysty had come to Earth a year before the Original Six had, to a place known as Colorado. After being there three years, word got way to her that there was a hockey playing group of her duck brethren. She had an attitude as strong as the updated version of the Puck blaster she carried; the Plasma Puck blaster. At first she had the same problems of fitting in as Duluna had experienced, but after being accepted by the five year old son of Duke and Gallery, Luke, she was able to fit her way into the group.

“The medieval team came next. it was The oddest occurrence in meeting more Ducks. They were not from puck world, but from a planet known as Cheribu. This planet was medieval, yet they were connected to puck world and had knowledge of Drake ducaine, as him being their savior too, from their evil warlord wizards. On this planet feathers, eyes beak and hair could be any color. Thought white and black were the two rarest colors found and often people having them were considered sacred.

“Bleu was the strangest one of any whom had come. She, at first sight, seemed to be the leader and seemed to have the most knowledge of the world. However, she took Orders from Bo, the true leader of the group.

“Bo was a former prince of the kingdom, though he never mentioned his royal blood. His leadership skills were to par with Wildwings, though his confidence and belief that destiny would make everything turn out right was stronger than ‘Wing’s. Much of Wildwings later confidence was built up by night long discussions with Bo. Bo had taken Soliddren as his pupil.

“Soliddren was also a prince, displaced by war. he was young, had money, but did not only provide money to the group but also youthful insight that got them out of Many-a-scrape. Heaven knows why but he wound up falling in love with Tara.... Who gladly married a prince.

“Bleu also took in a sorceress apprentice named Nina. Nina was blessed with wings, that were thought of a sacred as the color white or black. She was as pink as bubble gum, giving her an innocent appearance though she was taught to fight by Bleu. She was a worthy advisary for anyone.

“Gobi was a rich merchant who lost his fortune to the uprising of overlord Wizards. he had many wives and seemed severely sexist, though he knew there were many women stronger, mentally and physically, than he. It is often said that Bleu would hit him squarely on the head with her staff on more than one occasion.

“Ox was as strong as Grin but lacked the intelligence to use his muscle. he often had to be told what to do in detail, and spoke to himself in third person. Even though he looked like a beast, he was a really kind hearted, yet dim whited soul.

“They came with another Mask Bo donned, the Mask of Insight, also known as the Eagle Mask because of the curved down point on the beak of it.” Icepick yawned his final word. Finding a break in the conversation, the reporter spoke up.

“How do you know all this?” he asked.

“Ooh,” Icepick began as if he had not meant to be asked that, “Well that's a big question. I guess you could say I’m from a circle of oral tradition, about the Original Six’s history. My family and I have chats about things that happened long ago, and we tell our children, and their children.” He stopped, turning to the bar tender. “May I have as pure caffeine as you may give me? I will need it....”

“Oral tradition isn’t that accurate, it changes from person to person.” Stated the reporter. Icepick looked to the reporter as the bartender prepared a very caffeinated drink.

“But when the stories of the Original Six came to Puckworld, they were nothing but Oral tradition themselves, just once they got here they were written down. The only actual written information in publicized history we have from the Original six is from Tanya’s Diary, which states more about technology, plans and the occasional splurge about Wildwing or later their daughter Tayshia than anything else.”

“Is that your lead into a Second Generation?” the Reporter asked. Icepick Smirked.

“Why yes, yes it is.” he said as he sipped his highly caffeinated drink. “If this were to be done in Chronological order, we’d have to start with Cleo.”

“She was the child of Mallory and,” he paused to look at a notepad he had been jotting in, “Kirqut”

“You’ve been taking notes. Good Lad.” Icepick smirked again, “Cleo came to Earth shortly before her sixteenth birthday, her whole life she thought herself an orphan had been raising other orphans. She had inherited her mother’s red hair, fiery spirit and love for blowing things up. Also, her father’s Magical talents, and in some cases was even more talented than he. Cleo had twin children at the age of 13 that were taken away by their saurian grandmother. She ventured to earth to find her parents, and she did. She caused a great uproar for she had been a well kept secret until she showed up; Both from Annabelle, Chrono, and everyone else on the teams. She was accepted the very day she showed up by the rest of The Second Generation kids, but it took the adults a while to adjust to her.

“Luke, son of Duke and father to Nuke, was the first born on the planet Earth, and had expected leader ship of “the Second squad” to pass to him. It didn’t, and he spent most of his life angry about it, specifically when his ex-girlfriend got the position. When Cleo came to Earth, she showed her affection to him by shooting him with a child's puck blaster when he pretended to be a saurian. And ever since that they were together. He and Cleo recovered her two lost children, Cindria and Burneroui, raising they and five of their own magically talented children, Nuke, Leo, Selene, Serena and Yuna-Starr.

“Mercedes was born five years after Luke, and unfortunately, was the grand combination of the immaturity of her father, and the sword fighting skills of her mother. She was spirited, though her actions were often led too much by her heart than by her head. But this allowed her to fall in love with a man named Rex, and allowed her to see him for who he was, and not what he was.

“Rex is considered part of the second squad even though he wasn’t a duck.” Icepick stopped, awaiting the inevitable question.

“What was he then?” the reporter asked. Prepared for this, Icepick took a deep breath.

“Rex was a saurian, spawned directly from Dragaunus himself, and his mate, Tracy. Rex was not like the other saurian, he had no hate for the ducks, and seemed to have more hatred for the very fact that he was Saurian, and not Duck.”

“A ‘Good’ saurian? Your joking.” The reporter nearly laughed.

“No, it’s true, if you knew your history right, back in the time of Drake DuCaine, there was a civil war between the saurian, which DuCaine took part in, and Defeated with the help of these ‘Good’ Saurian and the other Ducks.”

“Hard to believe.”

“You’d be surprised.” Icepick finished his drink. “May I continue?” The reporter nodded.

“Of course.”

“Now, Rex was a good saurian, and his descendants were also. He was very level headed, and had much knowledge of saurian and Duck history. Wraith, one of Dragaunus's associates, had taught Rex well even though he could see Rex’s disloyalty to his race. Rex fell in love with Mercedes, and they had one child, who was affectionally nicknamed, ‘Benz’.

“Next on our Second Squad list was Mollisa. Mollisa was Luke’s little sister, and much learned in Technology like her mother. She, though, still grew up with the street wiseness of her father. She would wind up getting together with a man named RJ, affectionately termed ‘Nugget’.

“Tayshia, the leader, was often referred to, behind her back, as ‘Her majesty the PMS Twinky’. She was, to say the least, moody. She did, however, possess some good leadership skills and technology knowledge. She was far lacking in empathy. Her Boyfriend, later husband, made up for her by being much more empathetic and much less leader like.

“Karma was that boyfriend. He was the son of Grin and Nina, but was merely the spitting image of Grin, with exception of his blonde hair, gotten from Nina. he was philosophical like his father, but not as weird in his application, and more fun loving.

“Jemma was daughter of Terry and Mysty. She was the most quiet of the group, but did speak up for any insight she had into problems.

“Knight was the least known, for he want back to his fathers home planet Cheribu, son of Bo and Sasha, and became a Knight on his planet.

“Dan also had children, triplets with a human woman named Eleanor. One looked human, one looked duck, and the other was human with feathers on her arms and legs. Danielle, Edward, and Jessica were their names.” said Icepick.

“Humans were the monkey like inhabitants of Earth, correct?” questioned the Reporter. Icepick nodded and started to speak again.

“Several years after this baby boom, came a few more children. Mallory and Chrono had twins, Blaster and Caster, though Caster was not her real name, no one called her anything else. Zed was born to Annabelle and Kirqut the very summer his half sister, Cleo, came to earth. Dharma and Aura were twins as well, born shortly before to Nina and Grin. They were both the spitting images of their parents but the opposite of each other.” Icepick paused again, looking at the reporter. “Around this time a couple came, Halldren and Vixen, bringing with them the Viper Mask, also known as the Mask of Agility.”

“The next three came to Earth shortly after Cleo returned came back here a year after her first visit to Earth. Wedge Mason, and Calypso Nanums the Princess and her son Miro. Wedge was raised with Cleo and was her dearest friend, he would eventually get together with a girl from Cheribu. Princess Calypso was actually princess of a karmic secret cult from this planet, and quite a princess. Miro Grew in-between Second and Third generations, the resemblance between he and Grin was impeccable, but never brought into conversation.

“Tybalt wasn’t known to exist for the longest time, his mother was Bleu, and was a very secretive woman, living in the mountains near the city that the Mighty Ducks Resided in. He was the son of Wraith, but he had mostly duck like qualities, except for the slight scales to his beak and Orangey eyes. After that Bleu also had twins with a duck from an alternate dimension, who went by many names... Blade Runner, Ash, or Fantom, to name a few. The twins Named Paradox and Domino. The rest of the ducks never knew the existence of these children until they were in their early teens, other than Rex, who let his son play with the other half saurian Child, Tybalt.” Icepick began to look into his glass.

“One of the last to Visit earth... Has a history. Her Name was Adren Aline, Famed daughter of the historical figure Dren MariAri Aline, and Wraith, it is a long story. She came to earth because she was not to miss the birth of a DuCaine descendant, and that Descendant was Tayshia and Karma’s Child, Erika, their first of Five kids, their last being named Drake. Adren cause a bit of a stir, however, for she was promiscuous and Ancient, though she looked only as old as you. She Married Paradox, refusing to let her centuries of age deter her from happiness.

“The last of the True Mighty Ducks would end with Cleo’s Children. They were the oldest of the Third generation, and immortal. Selene, Serena and Yuna-Starr went on at adulthood to other barely inhabited planets to see if they could revolutionize the systems, and last I heard of them they were goddesses of their planets. Nuke became a warrior like his father and grandfather, while his younger brother became the great author, poet and play write known merely as ‘Leo’ to our species. Cleo’s youngest daughter, Adultery, roamed the universe with her mother for Centuries. Burneroui had a temper to reckon with, and died on the Last Battlefield. Last, Cindria, who married ‘Benz’ and they were very happy, moving from place to place with the remaining immortal ducks.

“Eventually, together, they all defeated Dragaunus on earth, causing him to flee back here, where the duck forces outnumbered him greatly, causing him again to flee to limbo. In limbo there was Canard and Lucretia, never aged but spawned a deaf son, Maestro, and they all destroyed Dragaunus and lived happily ever after.

“Sadly, mortality crept up on the Original Six. their deaths made not known to the press, but to close family only. Wildwing was the first to give in to old age. Shortly after, his last grandson, Drake, was born. Grin followed, shortly. Not on Puckworld, but on the planet Cheribu, surrounded by generations of his loving family. Mallory was next to be visited by death, she was not to die of old age, but actually bravely in the line of fire while trying to stop two punk kids from robbing a bank. Her daughters and sons were present with her during her dying day. Nosedive died of age in his sleep in the arms of his wife Duluna. Duke, under his magic ‘dome’, kept himself alive. Immortality, at the time, was not a trait one truly knew they had. He died in battle on a far away planet. Live by the sword, die by the sword. He knew that would happen, and that is how he wanted it. Tanya was the last to go, at the ripe old age of One hundred and twenty three. After the battles with Dragaunus, she had been a key figure in rebuilding Our civilization with much help of her inventions. Though she was happy with her life, she had dearly missed her friends and husband, and willingly gave in to death to cross to the other side to join them.” he tapped the bar gently with a gloved finger.

“And where are the descendants, Icepick?” said the reporter in quiet awe.

“Scattered among the universe, Earth, Puckworld, Cheribu, scattered planets, Everywhere. You could be one, and not know it. Actually, not beating around the bush any longer, I know where a large group of their descendants still reside,” he took a breath to speak.

The door to the bar busted open quickly, three red heads looking slightly distressed, slightly amused ran in, with a young man whose hair was blue. One, the Reporter recognized, as Icepick’s Cindy.

Cindy Ran directly to Icepick, shortly followed by the other three.

“Ipums, you may want to help now, there are saurian attack droids sent from Limbo coming this way!”

“What???” said Icepick and the reporter, both in surprise. One of the red heads smiled.

“Just like the old times, eh Benz?!” She smiled as fire balled up in her hands. The reporter gave a few blinks. Icepick reached into a bag at his hip pulling out a white mask. While placing the hockey mask on his face a bit of the orange color to his beak smudged, revealing that it was paint over red scales.

“Just like them, Cleo.” he stated, in ready position.

The reporter was stunned, Icepick realized as he turned to him.

“Told you I knew where the descendants were!” he said as he ran outside, the mask he placed on his face turning gold. The three red heads and the blue haired man followed closely behind him.

The END!

“This end is your end, this end is myend, from Anaheim California, to the Puckworld highlands. From the country waters to good wood forest, this end is made for you and me!”
                    -The singing Duo of A Duck-Gargie-Mouse and a Kat-Gargie-Horsey on too much Chololate Milk

“Done now, Crack slushy later”

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