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Drake DuCaine's Mask-Mask of Knowledge:
Descendent to maker-Tanya
Reincarnate of Maker-Wildwing
Wearer of Mask-Wildwing

Spike Mask-Mask of Strength:
Descendent of Maker-Crono
Reincarnate of Maker-Crono
Wearer of Mask-Crono(Tayshia: Anyone noticing a pattern here?)

Eagle Mask-Mask of Insight:
Descendent to Maker-Mysty
Reincarnate of Maker-Unknown
Wearer of Mask-Bo

Viper Mask- Mask of Agility:
Decendiant of Maker-Duke
Reincarnate of Maker-Mollisa(Duke's daughter)
Wearer of Mask-(Need to look up Information)

Winged Mask-Mask of Flight:
Descendent- Cygno
Reincarnate Of Maker- Unknown
Wearer of Mask-Cygno

The Masks Belong to Tayshia, Duluna, and Mysty.
Coming Up: Unstable Masks & Future Masks. 
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