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~*Future Visit*~


The Mighty Ducks are by Drake One except for Nosedive. Who is at the comic book store. Suddenly Drake one starts beeping.

Wildwing with the mask on: “What is it Tanya?”

Tanya: “It seems ta be the Raptor.”

Mallory, angry and surprised: “But we got rid of those Saurian creeps.”

Tanya: “Well, ah guess that wasn’t enough.”

Duke: “Then we will just have to stop him again.”

Suddenly Drake one starts beeping again.

Tanya: “There seems ta be some sort of portal opening at the park near the mall.”

Wing: “Does this have anything to do with Dragaunus?”

Tanya: “Um, well, uh, Drake 1 can’t really tell.”

Wildwing: “Duke and Mallory, I want you to get Nosedive and check out the portal. The rest of us will see what Dragaunus is up to.”

Duke, kind of reluctant: “Sure.”

Nosedive at the mall looking at comics. Slash and Mooky are in the back ground. Suddenly there is a faint crash sound from outside. At the same time Dive’s communicator beeped.

Duke’s voice over the communicator: “Hey Dive, There is a disturbance near the mall. Go check it out. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Nosedive: “No Problemo.” Then to Mookie and Slash. “I’ll be back later guys.” He then runs out of the store while morphing into battle mode.

As Nosedive came to the park a blue gate could be seen closing. Then the sound of a branch cracking was heard. Unheard to Nosedive was the whisper of two young woman.

Woman 1: “I’ll take care of them and you go ahead”

Woman 2, slightly younger voice: “Remember not to let them catch you and DON’T CHANGE HISTORY.”

Duke and Mallory arrive at the park and come up to Dive

Woman 1: “O.K.” then it changed to concern. “ Are you sure you want to go through with this Tayshia.”

Woman 2/Tayshia: “Yes” She then hesitated and ran in the opposite direction of where the Mighty Ducks were searching.

Mallory heard someone behind a tree and shot at the sound.

Nosedive: “Boy, your trigger happy”

Mallory: “I heard something over there”

Duke stepped over by the tree; his Saber pulled out ready for attack. He looked around the tree and saw no one there.

Duke: “There’s nothing there.”

Unknown to Duke and Nosedive, Mallory did see someone. She was in the tree right above Nosedive.

The shadowy figure in the tree decided she was in trouble. She then transformed to battle mode. Nosedive saw the glimmer of light in the tree. It shot a grappling hook to the next tree and a 20ish year old female duck could be seen swinging from that tree to the other.

Then the group quickly got to the other tree. The mysterious figure then again shot the grappling hook to another tree. But Duke threw his saber at the rope causing it to break. And then the mysterious girl fell and quickly got up. But Mallory, Duke, and Nosedive had there blasters pointed at her.

Mallory: “Don’t move”

Woman I: “Hey, don’t shoot me O.K.” The girls jet black hair glimmered in the sun. Her yellow feathers were ruffled.

Duke: “You look very familiar” The girl was silent for a minute and then she ran in the opposite direction. Nosedive shot her with a sleep puck

Woman I: “Aw man” said the girl as she fell to the ground and succumbed to the sleep gas.

Back with the others in the Migrator

Tanya: “The sensors aren't picking up the Raptor anymore.”

Wing: “Could of it just been a glitch?”

Tanya: “Well, that isn’t im- impos- It could happen.”

Grin: “I feel a odd disturbance. Something isn’t right.”

Suddenly a saurian, younger and smaller than Dragaunus but still looked much like him, comes into view. He is wearing black armor like Wildwing’s but with white spandex. He held a large bazooka and had it aimed at one building.

Wing: “What the feathers?”

Tanya: “He is gonna blow up that building.”

Grin: “Definitely a disturbed soul.”

Wing: “We have to stop him!”

They jumped out of the Migrator and stopped. The building shimmers in light. The Raptor took it’s place. The trio gasp.

Saurian: “Take this father!”

Wing: “Did he say ‘Father’?”

They stand there puzzled for a minute while the young saurian takes aim at the building. Just than a young female duck with blond hair and feathers ran up to him. She knock’s him over and the bazooka shot just over the Raptor.

In the Raptor Dragaunus hits Chameleon.

Dragaunus: “Get us out of here!”

Chameleon changing into Igor: “Yes master.”

Back out side the group watched the Raptor take off. Wildwing, Tanya, and Grin rush over to the two.

Saurian whining to girl: “Why’d you stop me?”

Wildwing raising his gun: “Who are you and what is going on?”

Girl nervously: “Um... we really can’t say.

Saurian to girl: “Oh come on Tayshia! Give it a rest and tell them who we are.”

Tayshia to Saurian: “Rex! We’re not even suppose to be here.”

The three looked at each other and then back at the two.

Tanya to the two: “Can ya at least tell us the stuff ya can say?”

Tayshia: “Well, I’ll have to talk to Mercedes and think about it.”

Wildwing: “You guy’s can stay with us for the time being, I guess.”

Tayshia to Wildwing: “I guess we could stay a while.

Wildwing pointing to Saurian: “He can be trusted can’t he?”

Tayshia nodded and Rex rolled his eye’s. The group head back to the migrator.

Back with the others at the park.

Mercedes sits tied down to the back of Dives motorcycle.

Mercedes sarcastically to Dive: “Way to catch someone, knock them unconscious. “

Duke to Mercedes while getting on his bike: “Hey show a little respect.”

Mallory to boys: “Who do you think she is?”

Duke answering: “Probably works for Dragaunus. Remember Lucrecia Decoy?”

Nosedive: “Yeah, I remember that episode.”

Mallory to Dive: “From what I remember, you wanted a date with her.” Mercedes rolls her eye’s in background.

Mercedes: “Way to go Nosedive.”

Duke to Mercedes: “Hey how do you know his name?”

Mercedes to Duke smirking: “Same way I know yours Duke.”

Mallory to Mercedes: “So what’s your name?”

Mercedes: “It’s Mercedes.”

Nosedive to others: “Who would name a kid after a car?” Mercedes starts laughing uncontrollably.

Mercedes to all of them: “For you information my dad. I was born in a Mercedes. Of course my uncle thought it was a good idea for that name, and my godmother’s a jerk and didn’t care.”

Nosedive to Mercedes: “Woah, your family is weird.”

Mercedes: “You have no idea.”

Duke: “Well, lets lock her up back at the headquarters.”

Mercedes: “I’m not working with Dragaunus.”

Mallory: “Then why did you set off a explosion in the park.”

Mercedes: “That wasn’t a explosion, that was a gate. If it was a explosion the park would be blown up.”

Nosedive: “Come to think of it, there was no damage or roasted park animals around.”

Mallory: “But she does seem dangerous, lets take her back just to be safe”

Back at the pond:

Rex whispering to Tayshia: “The place looks really different.”

Tayshia whispering back: “Well things changed.”

Wildwing to both of them: “We have a few extra room’s if you like to follow me.”

Tayshia: “We need to find our comrade soon. Her name is Mercedes.”

Tanya: “I’ll try to contac...contac...tell the others.”

Wing agrees and led newcomers to the newly redone bunk area. Pointing to door on the left: “Uh...Rex is it? You can have this one and Tayshia can have the one across the hall.”

Tayshia to Wildwing: “Thank you.” Than poking Rex.

Rex: “Oh yeah, thank you.” Wildwing nods and heads back to the Ready room.

Tanya to Wing: “Do you really believe about what they, ya know, said?”

Wing answering her: “I’m not sure, but I have a feeling we have to trust them to
figure this out.”

Grin: “I feel good Karma in them...”

Tanya: “I feel something too. It’s, ya know, weird.”

Wing: “I think it’s odd too Tanya but we just have to trust...”

Interrupted by elevator door opening and Nosedive.

Dive: “You will not believe what happened to us at the park!”

Wing to his brother: “We have something to tell you too.”

Dive interrupts Wing: “There we are in the park right? And me being calm and cool about it, is leading the way when we met...” Dive trails off as he sees their shocked expression as they see Mercedes.

Tanya: “What's that girls name?”

Mercedes with a slight chip on her shoulder: “Names Mercedes, please to meet you.”

Wildwing: “Bro, she not a enemy. Two of her friends are here right now.”

Mercedes happily: “Rex and Tay! You can untie me now blondy.” Nosedive reluctantly untied Cedie.

In Rex’s room.

Rex: “Why did you stop me from blasting the Saurians. If they are gone now then they will never bug any of you ducks.”

Tayshia: “You were changing history drastically. Do you think Duluna would of stuck around Nosedive of her own free will if there were no saurian to fight?”

Rex: “Huh?”

Tayshia: “A lot of us duck kids wouldn’t be born if our parents weren’t fighting Dragaunus side by side for most of there life. Oddly enough, it was something that kept them close. Get it?”

Rex: “Yes, I’m not stupid.”

Tayshia: “Tomorrow morning we are leaving to go back to the future. Hopefully we will find Mercedes tomorrow.”

Rex: “I was just thinking maybe . . .” Suddenly there is a knock on the door. The door opened and there was Wing, Dive, Tanya and Cedie. “Hey Mer!” Rex hugged her gently. The sight of a saurian and a duck hugging was a little unsettling for the three other ducks.

Tanya: “I take it this was the girl youse were looking for?”

Tay: “Yep, thanks. Cedie, want to bunk with me.”

Mercedes: “I was thinking of bunking with . . . .” looking over at the ducks, she knew
her bunking with Rex would be a shock. “Never mind.” She said.

Wing: “Well if you need anything, just ask one of us.” He nodded at the others and they left.

Dive: “What’s a Saurian doing here? Do you think its a trap?”

Wing: “I don’t know Dive to be honest.”

Tanya quietly: “I say we can trust Rex. I think he’s ok.”

Wing to Tanya: “I hope you’re right.”

Dive as they go into the Ready room: “Where do you think they’re from?”

Wing: “I wish I knew.” The others came into the ready room.

Mallory asking Wildwing: “Who are the other two?”

Wing to her: “Tayshia and Rex.”

Mallory: “Rex? What kind of name is that for a duck?”

Tanya, Wildwing, and Nosedive give each other uneasy looks.

Dive unsure: “He’s a Saurian.”

Mallory and Duke together: “WHAT?”

Duke: “A saurian? And you let him in here?”

Tanya: “He’s actually O.K., and the girls seem trust him. Anyways, there is a listening device in his room so if he tries to contact Dragaunus we’ll know.”

Mallory: “I guess it is O.K. then, if we keep a eye on him.”

Dive: “Hey, this might sound weird but does anyone find the Mercedes chick familiar?”

Duke: “Yeah.”

Mallory, Ignoring Duke and Dive’s conversation: “So, we can here what goes on in Rex’s room from Drake 1?”

Tanya: “Yep,”

Mallory: “Can we listen in right now?”

Tanya: “I guess so.” Tanya then hits a few buttons on Drake one.


Mercedes: “What do you mean by No!”

Rex: “It’s just weird to make out in the past, I mean, we aren’t even born yet.” Some kisses Mercedes gives Rex is heard.

Mercedes: “Pretty Please?”

Rex: “Well, since you put it that way.”

Back at Drake-one:

Tanya turning off the speaker: “That’s about enough.” The Ready room was now oddly silence.

Duke: “This is an unusual twist.”

Dive: “It’s also very unexpected.”

Mallory: “That was the worst thing I ever heard!”

Duke: “I’m confused.”

Tanya to Wildwing ignoring the others: “What do ya think he meant?”

Wildwing shocked: “What?”

Tanya: “I meant when he said that about being in the past.”

Wing truthfully: “I wasn’t really paying attention.”

Tanya: “oh, well, maybe we should go talk to Tayshia.”

Wing: “That was what I thought to do.”

A few moments later, there was a knock at Tayshia's door. Thinking it was Rex and Mercedes opened it. Instead she found her self looking at Tanya and Wildwing.

Wildwing: “May we come in?”

Tayshia reluctantly: “Sure.” They come in and sit at the table.

Wing to Tayshia: “Are you sure you can’t tell us anything?”

Tayshia: “Well, I really don’t know. My mother didn’t tell me to say anything to you when I left.”

Tanya: “Your mother? Did she send you here?”

Tayshia nervously: “No, not really.” She shifted in her seat.

Wing: “Well are you sure you can’t say anything? Because what ever it is, we can understand.”

Tayshia: “You wouldn’t understand this.”

Tanya accidentally blurting out: “Are... are you from the future?”

Tayshia stares at her.

Tayshia: “How did you figure out?”

Wildwing surprise: “So you are from the future?”

Tayshia getting up: “I should talk to the others before I say anything more.”

Tanya: “Uh... I wouldn’t go there.” Tayshia looks at her. “The way we figured this out was uh... I sorta bugged the rooms.” Suddenly Tayshia smiles.

Tayshia: “Yeah, that sounds like you.”

Wing: “Can you tell us why you came. Evidently it has something to do with us.”

Tayshia: “Us?” she looked at Tanya and Wing like they were just talking about just the two of them.

Wing: “Yeah, the Mighty Ducks.”

Tayshia: “Oh, Well, you see, It’s been cleared up so my friends and I shall be leaving tomorrow.”

Tanya: “I Guess ya don’t want ta change anymore. Thats why there is the shush treatment, so you don’t tell us stuff about our future.”

Tayshia: “Exactly.”

Wing with sudden concern: “We’re all still alive in the future right?”

Tayshia: “Yep, Dragaunus hasn’t won if that is what you mean,”

Wing: “Oh good. Is he still up to his old tricks?”

Tay: “Not saying any more. You’ll have to see.”

Wing: “Well, we’ll leave so you can get some sleep.” He and Tanya leave.

Tanya to Wildwing in the hall: “She seems nice.”

Wing: “There’s something about her though. I couldn’t place my finger on it.”

Tanya: “Yeah, I felt it to. Odd.”

Wing: “I wonder what will happen to us in the future.”

Tanya shrugging: “It’s nothing I really, ya know, thought about.”

Wildwing: “What do you think now you thought of it?”

Tanya: “I think it’ll pretty much be like now.”

Wing: “Yeah I’m sure you’re right.” They look at each other for a while.

Tanya: “Uh... I got ta go fix that puck blaster.”

Wing: “Yeah, and I need to talk to the others.” they both go separate directions quickly.

Part Two

In a dark alley a gate opens.

First duck squeezing through the gate: "Geesh Karm, watch where you put your elbow." The young male gray duck then fell beak first on the pavement. The second duck, also a male came more easily out of the portal. He was younger but more muscular built. He helped the gray duck up.

Second duck: "I distinctively remember Aunt Tanya telling you to wait till I was fully through the gate before you came in."

First duck: "Sorry! God, touchy- touchy"

Second duck: "Tay, Mer, and Rex are probably at the Pond"

First duck: "Excuse me, who is the leader of this search and rescue."

Second duck with a sigh: "You are"

First duck: "Right, now the most logical place they would be is the pond."

Second duck: "I just said that."

First duck: "Don't speak unless spoken to! Now come on!" The gray duck moves
ahead with the muscular one following far behind.

Second duck to himself: "Boy, am I glad he is just the temporary leader till Tayshia gets back"

First duck: "I heard that! Just because you are the leader's boyfriend doesn't mean you don't have to obey me."

Second duck: "Even without the mask she is better leader than you."

First duck: "I would have the mask if my father had it, but no, the
Ex-thief can't be leader. Just have him swing his sword over there in the background, that'll be good enough for him."

Second duck: "What in the heck is wrong with you!"

First duck walking back to Second duck: "This is the first time I have a chance to prove my leadership skills to my dad and the rest of the gang."

Second duck: "I see."

First duck calming down: "Come on, Karma, we better find the girls and Rex."

Second duck (Karma): "O.K. Luke, I'm right behind you."

First duck (Luke): "Is that ‘spousta reassure me?"

Karma shrugging: "I don't know."

Luke kind of sighing: "Let's go catch a bus."

Karma: "Thought of everything huh?"

Luke: "Yup."

Karma smiling: "Bring money?"

Luke stunned: "Uh."

Karma: "Good thing Aunty Tanya loaned me some."

Luke: "She's not even your aunt."

Karma: "Well everyone else calls her that, Even Knight."

Luke getting ticked: "Let's go get the bus huh."

Karma laughing a bit: "Ok, ok, we'll go."

Luke turning around and walking to the bus stop: "Thank you. Now I'll prove I'm a good leader." Karma following starts to choke the air as if he had his hands around Luke’s throat. Luke turns quickly but only sees Karma twiddling with his thumbs.

A half an hour later

Tanya reached for her com on her end table putting down her novel. She had on her normal either before bed, a T-shirt and Jean shorts. Her hair thrown in a ponytail. She looked at it. Someone was trying to access the elevator. She quickly stood up and looked for her shoes.

In the locker room:

Karma: "Are you sure you don't need help?"

Luke who was busy trying to figure out the old code: "Hey, my parents are a thief and technical genius. I think I can figure it out."

Karma: "But it's one of Aunt Tanya's codes not your mothers." Then the door opens.

Luke smugly: "See, I got it to open." Karma just looks past him and Luke turns to see what he was looking at. "Tayshia?"

Tanya shakes her head and replies: "Nope, but I'll take it as compliment."

Karma shocked, surprised, and just completely dumbfounded: "Aunty Tanya?!?"

Tanya exhausted: "You're friends of Tayshia, Mercedes and Rex aren’t ya?"

Karma snapping out of it: "Uh yes. We are."

Luke: "Aunty Tanya! You look so young!"

Tanya: " Thank you so much. Grin and Duke are just gonna love you two." They nodded in replied. "Well, come on, I'll show ya ta ya room." Tanya said heading back into the elevator. Karma and Luke look at each other than shrugging followed. They couldn't seem to get over how Tatya looked twenty five years in their past. Tanya took them to the bunk area. "I suppose ya Tired so you two can take these two room's."

Karma: "Thank you."

Luke: "See you in the morning." Tanya nods as she walks away.

Tanya mumbling to herself: "It should be an interesting breakfast."
The next morning

Tanya was up bright and early. Surprise, surprise after the arrival of Luke and Karma. She saw Nosedive and Wing come down the stairs.

Tanya: "Hey, is Grin or Duke up yet?"

Dive: "Uh, no, why you want to know?"

Tanya: "We got in some knew guests from the future last night."

Wing: "Really? What does Grin and Duke being up have to do with it?"

Tanya: "The two guests look a lot like Duke and Grin."

Dive: "Duke and Grin came from the future!"

Tanya: "No they look different than Duke and Grin."

Dive: "But you just said . . . . . ."

Wing: "Then that means that they are related to them."

Tanya: "Or their children."

Wing and Dive: "What?"

Tanya: "It makes sense. We know Rex is Dragaunus's son. Why can't there be children of our own."

Nosedive counting on his fingers: "But there is four of them and two kinda look like sisters, but if the two boys look different. There is only two of you girls. And Tan, would you have kids?"

Tanya: "Mallory really gets around."

Nosedive: "Well, Yeah." Than the two newcomers' came into the Ready room.

Tanya: "Hey guys!" Wildwing and Nosedive kept on looking at the two, than at each other, than back at them.

Nosedive: "Who are your mothers?"

Karma: "You don't know them yet."

Luke: "Yeah, you meet them later as well as some other ducks."

Dive: "Oh. Do I get a girlfriend?"

Luke confused: "Didn't the others tell you all that stuff earlier?"

Tayshia in doorway coming into the room: "No we didn't. Why are you two here?"

Luke: "We'll tell you later." The door opened again and Duke and Grin came in followed by Mallory. They both froze at the sight of Luke and Karma.

Luke: "Hi Dad."

Karma: "Hi Dad."

Duke: "Yikes."

Grin: "I'm going back to bed." He turns around but Mercedes and Rex blocked the door.

Rex raising eyebrow: "Is everyone from the future coming?"

Karma: "No, my sisters the twins are staying with mom. And Mallory's twins are staying with her, which is reasonable because they're only 8"

Mallory: "What! I have kids!"

Luke: "Yup..."

Grin ignoring others to Karma: "You have sisters that are twins?"

Karma: "Yeah."

Dive: "Poor Grins girlfriend."

Luke looking at Rex: "You didn't do anything with my cousin Rex. Did you?"

Rex nervously: "Um, of course not. A duck and a saurian? That's unthinkable."

Mercedes: "We didn't do a thing."

Luke: "Whatever, I can just check out the security tape library back home."

Cedie angrily: "What! WHAT! I'll kill you!" She then starts chasing Luke around and even drew her sword, which Duke recognized. Luke then pulled a sword that looked much like Duke's but silver. The little play sword fight went on while the others talked.

Duke surprised: "That sword Mercedes has looks, looks like my little sister's sword.

Karma: "Well she is Duluna's daughter."

Duke: "Duluna is alive!!!!"

Tayshia: "Karm, lets cut this conversation short and just tell me why are yo here?"

Karma: "Um, we need to tell you in private." Luke and Cedie stopped their sword fight.

Tayshia: "You've seemed to tell everything else publicly."

Karma: "This is serious Tay, something's gone wrong."

Mercedes concernedly: "We haven't changed history, have we?"

Luke: "No, someone else does . . . . ."

Tayshia: "Who?"

Karma: "That's the thing we have to tell you in private."

Mercedes: "Dragaunus?"

Karma: "Might be."

Tayshia: "What do you mean might?"

Luke whining: "Lets go talk about this privately."

Karma: "Your mom gave us a note to give you." Karma handed Tayshia the note. Tayshia opened the piece of paper and read it to herself.

Tayshia: "I see." She stuffed the note in her pocket. "But I'm not going back to my time just because mom is a worried wart."

Karma: "She has reason to be worried!!!!"

Tayshia: "I'm not going back yet. If she's here it is my fight."

Duke: "Um... hello... we’re still in the dark here."

Nosedive: "What's going on?"

Wildwing answering Dive: "I don't know."

Karma to other future kid's: "I think we should tell them who we are. They practically know everything." Tayshia nod's.

Tayshia leaving the room: "Just don't tell them who I am."

Karma: "Well, I'm Grin and Nina's kid..."

Grin: "Who's Nina...?"

Karma: "My mom..."

Grin: "Oh..."

Luke: "And of course I'm Duke and Gallery's son."

Tanya: "I knew someone named Gallery once..."

Luke: "Yeah, mom. Gallery Knix."

Mercedes: "Well...I'm Duluna and..." Luke goes over to Duke, "Nosedive’s daughter."

Duke: "WHAT! I'll kill you." He turned to Dive.

Luke grabbing his dad's shoulder: "Dad, calm down. You accepted it in the future. Accept it now." Duke start's to grumble to himself.

Mercedes: "Thanks Luke."

Luke: "You owe me."

Mercedes: "I already owe you twenty bucks! What can I owe you now?"

Mallory: "Who the heck do I go out with?"

Karma: "You don't know him yet. His name is Chrono and he has the spike mask."

Wildwing: "You mean there's another mask?"

Karma: "Four to be exact. At least the ones we know about, I think there are a few more."

Luke: "Don't look at me. I didn't take them."

Wildwing: "This is unbelievable!"

Tanya: "I know tell me about it."

Mallory: "So who are Tayshia's parents?"

Karma: "Uh, we can't say. She doesn't want us to tell."

Nosedive: "Aw please... I'll give you a cookie."

Karma: "Get away from me."

Luke: "do you really want to know?"

Mercedes, Karma, and Rex: "SHUT UP LUKE!"

Luke: "What?"

Wildwing: "Well if it doesn't have anything to do with why you're here..."

Luke: "Well, I'm sorta leader now so... yes it does."


Luke sarcastically: "Yeah right."

Mercedes starting to draw her sword: "Ok that did it. Prepare to die dork of the twenty second century!"

Luke backing away from Mercedes: "Hey, just why doesn't Tay want us to tell them
her parents? I mean, what is so special about her."

Mercedes: Well, you know what a nervous wreck Aunt Tanya and Uncle Wing's relationship is at this point.... Oops." Faded Cedie

After the shocked look on Wing and Tanya's beaks there was a thud heard to the floor. Mercedes turned around, thinking it was Aunt Tanya. But Wing lay fainted on the floor.

Mercedes repeated: "Oops, I'm really sorry, it just slipped"

Later in the Infirmary

Tanya worried: "Is he O.k.?"

Luke: "He's fine, Uncle Wing's just had a little shock."

Mallory to Tanya: "I'm surprised you didn't go into shock too!"

Tanya at a whisper: "Shut up." Tanya then left the room.

Karma: "You just can't keep your mouth shut."

Mercedes: "Sorry, like I said, It slipped."

Karma: "I wasn't talking to you." He then gave Mallory a dark, scolding look. Mallory felt uneasy in her seat.

Tanya walked down the hall to the bunks thinking. She stops at Tayshia door. She hesitates a moment than peeks in. Tayshia was seated cross-legged on her bed pulling out her bag from under the bed. She opened it and slowly lifted out the mask of Drake DuCaine. She looked at it for a moment as if examining it. She than brushed off some dust. Tanya cleared her through. Tayshia looked up and gasped. She quickly tries to hide the mask behind her.

Tayshia: "Oh Tanya, what do you want?"

Tanya coming in: "Da truth." She sits next to Tayshia.

Tayshia: "You know I can't say anything about your future, like what lottery numbers came up in 2002 for one hundred million dollars."

Tanya: "I'm not talking about that." She reaches around Tayshia and takes the mask. "Why didn't you tell Wing and I we were your parents?"

Tayshia upset: "They told you! I'll...argh!"

Tanya: "They didn't mean to. It sorta came out." Tanya pauses. "Why didn't you at least tell us when it was the three of us talkin'?"

Tayshia: "Mom, please. I... I just didn't know how."

Tanya nodding her head: "I understand, but you should have been able to come to us."

Tayshia: "I couldn't."

Tanya: "Why? Am I a bad mother?"

Tayshia surprised: " it's not any thing like that. I just couldn't take how you would react."

Tanya smiling: "Your father fainted." Tayshia looks at her shocked.

Tayshia: "I thought you would be..."

Tanya: "I guess things never turn out the way people expect. I think you're proof of that."

Tayshia: "Mom, come on, leave me alone."

Tanya getting up: "If you want me to leave."

Tayshia jumping up: "Mom, it's a joke between us in the future. I didn’t really mean for you to leave"

Tanya: "Oh, sorry."

Tayshia: "Well, I need to think about some thing's."

Tanya: "you want to borrow my Walkman?"

Tayshia: "Yeah, if you don't mind."

Tanya: "Just like me."

A few hours later:

Tayshia looks down the hall and says to herself: "Everyone is in the ready room, perfect." She steps out in the hall in full battle armor. Holding her bag close to her chest, she quickly left the pond.

Mercedes: "Aunt Tanya, I'm so, so sorry for just blurting that out..."

Tanya placing a hand on her shoulder: "Dat's ok. I'm not upset. Confused and curious, but not upset."

Mercedes: "Oh, thank you Aunt Tanya. Is there anything I could do to help?”

Tanya: "Dat's ok. I'm just going to do some of my laundry to think."

Mercedes nods and leaves.

Tanya went and got her outfits that needed to be washed. As she went to the laundry room, she though about everything that had gone on. She placed her cloths on the table and began to sort through them. Lifting up a pair of slacks she became puzzled. "These ain't mine." She said to herself. She realizes that they must be Tayshia. She was about to put it aside when a white corner poking out of the pocket attracted her eye. Curiously, she took it out. Tanya in thought: It's the note her mother gave her. Wait, I'm her mother. I should be able to read it right? Hesitantly she opened it.

Dear Tayshia,

I want you and the others to come home right now. There is an entry in my journal for this up coming day that has changed. Also some of our memories seem to be changing. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that something else has followed you through the time portal. Nina and her “mystical powers” are predicting that there is going to be a large battle between whatever comes through the gate against you and the 2nd Generation Team, and that some might get killed. PLEASE avoid this conflict and come home now.

Tanya reads the note over and over: “But . . .. Tayshia went alone to fight . . .” She realizes Tayshia didn’t want to endanger the rest of the team, and only herself. Tanya quickly thought of all that happened today. "I know where she is." Tanya quickly leaves. While running down the hall, Tanya runs into Wing.

Wing: "Uh, Tanya, What's the hurry?"

Tanya: "My daughter just went to fight something Da . .Dan . .Dang . . .Very Evil alone!"

Wing: "She's my daughter too."

Tanya yelling: "Common, lets go!!!" she then grabs Wing's arm and drags him till he remembers how to get his legs working.

Wing: "Trouble?! Wait, are you sure,"

Tanya: "I read my own note I gave Tayshia from the future." She said as she and Wing got in the Aerowing.

Wing: " Why don't we get the others to help?"

Tanya: " You could of sug, sug, told me that before we are five miles from the pond."

Back with the other.

Karma’s eye shot open in shock, though nothing was said to him that would cause that.

Luke: “Karm? You Okay?”

Karma: “I’m having one of those bad feelings again” Karma closes his eyes a second, many pictures flash before his closed eyes before something comes in focus. . . . “Tayshia!!! She’s Going to be in trouble . . .”

Mallory: “How can you tell?”

Karma: “My mother has powers, I have some too”

Luke: “Lucky Ducky . . . . . What about the powers that you didn’t get from your mother?”

Karma: “We have no time to talk. . ..Tanya and Wing are in trouble too!

Nosedive: “My bro is in trouble? Where are they?

Mercedes and Luke at the same time start the locater program on there coms.

Mercedes: “Ha! Beat you to it Luke! They are at The park, where Tay and I first entered.”

Luke: “Lets go there now.” Luke started to run to the hanger

Duke: “Waiiiiiittt . . .a minute . . .all you kids look too young to fight to me . . . .Mal, Grin, Dive and I will go” The future kids all stare at Duke strangely

Mercedes: “You can’t be the same uncle that wanted to teach Luke sword fighting at 5 . . . . .”

Luke: “Yeah Dad . . .Believe me, we’re trained professionals. . . We’ve battled Dragaunus so many times I can’t count it.”

Mercedes reassuringly: “We’ll be fine!!! Right Rexxy?”

Rex nods: “I’ve seen them in action, They do fine”

Karma: “Lets go now!!!” Karma practically drags Luke with him while Cedie and Rex follow. Duke, Grin, Mal, and Dive follow too.

Luke bossing the 2nd Generation around: “Cedie and Karma, take the motorcycles while I and Rex ride in the Migrator.”

Duke: “Wait, Your not taking the Migrator unless I’M driving!”

Luke Grumbles: “Okay”

Mallory: “I’ll come in the Migrator too”

Dive: “Me come in Migrator too!!!”

Grin looks at Karma getting on a Duckcycle: “I’ll take a cycle out.”

Karma impatiently: “Let’s Go!!!”

Rex: “Wooohoooo! DUCKS ROCK!!!” Everyone of the ducks is silently staring at him. “What?”

Mercedes on a Duckcycle: “Hey . . .and some saurians rock too . . .” She smiles at Rex and blows him a kiss. Rex “catches” the kiss and holds it close to his heart and smiles. He then gets on the Migrator with Duke, Mal, Luke, and Nosedive. The Three on the Duckcycles revv them up and leave first, with the Migrator not to far behind them.
At the Park

Tayshia pulls the mask out of her bag: “It’s Showtime!” She puts it on and it glows golden. She scanned the area carefully, and then saw the time gate disturbance. With a push of a button, a scanner came out of her Omni-Tool and she scanned it. “Traces of Saurian DNA” she said under her breath. She suddenly felt the barrel of a gun pressed again the unarmed part of her back.

Evil Voice: “Don’t move Female Duckling” Tayshia quickly draws her puck blaster and twists around quickly, facing what held the gun to her with her gun pointed at him. He was a Saurian, his scales pure black. His eyes were orange and could almost burn into Tayshia’s soul. He stood taller then Dragaunus by a few inches and held the gun to Tay’s head now, even though he had her weapon aimed at his chest. The Saurian growled, “Just where am I Filthy Duck?”

Tayshia: “Earth” Tayshia complied as she breathed a sigh of fright within her courageous outlook. The saurian's face continues to looks slightly puzzled.

Saurian: “earth? what is such place? Where is Puckword?! Where is that wrenched Drake DuCaine?!” Tayshia gasped and quickly thought of all the stories of Drake DuCaine her uncle Dive had ever told her. She knew who this was!

Tayshia: “your out of your time, BloodHeart. You must have passed through the gate too.” She held her puck gun to his stomach still.

The Aerowing landed in the park, blowing loose leaves at BloodHeart and Tay, still not moving from there spots.

BloodHeart: “I can smell you fear little Duckling . . .Just give up.”

Tayshia looked at BloodHeart, the saurian before her was the one history and folklore that originally attack Puckworld during the time of Drake Ducaine. BloodHeart then looked at Tayshia more closely.

BloodHeart: “You have the same mask as HIM . . . . .” BloodHeart cocked his gun, Tayshia quickly fired on him while BloodHeart did the same to her. Wildwing flew in front of Tayshia, jumping between her and the saurian, the shot fired hitting Him in the breastplate instead of her head. He brought Tayshia down with him. Tanya then quickly pointed her blaster in her Omni-Tool on the injured Saurian. BloodHeart looked up at Tanya. His Orange eyes burned in anger as he looked up in Tan’s Gray eyes . . .Gray eyes that were just like Drake Ducaine’s. BloodHeart Leapt upon Tanya so fast she didn’t have time to fire. But Mercedes did as she drove up on the motorcycle. Blood heart was thrown by the impact of the shot and hit the ground beside Tanya, giving her just enough time to scramble away quickly. BloodHeart growled as he grabbed for her leg unsuccessfully. The Migrator parked nearby. Luke and Grin ran out ahead of everyone else.

Luke: “Aw dang.. did we miss the fun?” he asked looking to the saurian who was lying on the ground, playing possum. BloodHeart's eyes shot open and he growled loudly, unmoving. Luke took another step near the unmoving mass and it began to grow. Suddenly the Black saurian was a dragon, tall and black, rendering the same features of his old face.

Luke: “Geez this guy just gets uglier and Uglier...” Rex came out of the migrator quickly looking at the dragon. The dragon did the same to him, and spoke in a language only the saurians fully understand.

Bloodheart: “What rank are you in my army?” Rex’s mouth fell open a bit as he stuttered an answer.

Rex: “Saurian specialist and Arms Provider with the resistance, not your army!” he cried loudly with a low growl.

Bloodheart: “A defect! you are a traitor to your own blood!” he swiped his large claw at rex, while Mallory and Nosedive stood by the son of Dragaunus.

Rex: “A traitor I may be but at least I am on the right side! This is my true blood now!” he cried as he sent a shot from a puck blaster at the ugly dragon like creature. BloodHeart merely reflected it of with his hand, making it increase it’s speed and fly off in another direction. It’s direction was Luke. He froze.

Luke: “aww crud...” he said as he tried to move out of the way. Something in a black shroud fell from the sky and landed on him, making him fall just in time to duck the puck. The black cloak covered the objects face, which was obviously another duck.

The figure in a very deep, and incredibly Dath-vader-like voice: “Luke! I am your Woman...” then the voice turned more feminine and laughed as did he.

Luke: you saved my butt Again, Cl...” The girls beak covered his for a moment.

The girl as she put a finger across his beak quickly: “Shush!! I am the only one who absolutely Can’t be known that would change our futures drastically, love!”

Luke: “ Uh okay...” the girl rolled off of him and stood up, taking down her cloak to reveal a brilliantly bright bunch of red hair and white feathers. “uh, guys... what do we have to do to kill this big ugly thing?”

Tayshia: “uhh....” everyone shrugged.

The new girl rolled her eyes and flung a ball of fire at the monster as a start. BloodHeart Deflected it back, it hitting her stomach and was absorbed into her body

Girl: “Hey tall dark and ugly, that could have hurt someone... if it hadn’t hit me..” At that everyone started fireing at the saurian dragon.

Tayshia: “I want all of you out of here now!” she addressed the second squad. Everyone looked at her blankly. “I don’t need you guys getting hurt!”

Karma: “Guess what Tay, we don’t want you getting hurt!” he said as he gave her a peck on the beak still looking at the saurian.

Cedie and Dive at the same time: “Aw... Kodak moment...” Karma gave them an evil glare.

Cedie: “Don’t worry Tay, we won’t get hurt...” she said as the saurian smacked her with his tail and sent her flying into a tree, banging her head and being rendered unconscious. Rex’s eyes flared as he marched closer to BloodHeart.

Rex anger rising and teeth clenched, smoke emitting from his nostrils: “I can’t kill you because you may have been an ancestor, but man, I. Am. Going. To. Maim. You. So. Bad.” He said as he jumped onto the monster and started thwacking it lots. The new girls noticed the action and raised an eyebrow to Luke.

The girl: “Wanna play?” Luke grinned and pulled out his sword.

Luke: “Come on, FireHead lets play.. we’re being left out!”

Firehead: “Rex learn to Share!” She cried as she joined in the thwacking. *thwack thwack*

Luke in a deeper than normal voice, still not joining in the twacking: “Time for the knight in shining armor to help the beautiful woman slay the dragon and save the beautiful, in a cousinly way, Princess!!” Then He joined in the thwacking.

Mallory looked to Duke: “I can now truly tell he is yours...”

Duke seeming to be bursting with pride: “yup!” he said with a ghetto accent, “and that Girl he’s with resembles someone we all know and revere...”

Mallory, truly Clueless: “Huh?”

The girl only so far known as fire head looked at the Puck gun in her hand: “infernal Machine!” she screamed and it melted in her hands. “COMBAT!!!” she cried and continued thwacking.

Mallory now with a frightened look: “Oh dear...”

Duke with an evil grin: “Yup!”

Mal: “Dang it... why can’t I ever have a normal Child?” She sighed.

Duke: “I feel like quoting some one... “Wanna play?””

Mal: “Lets!” she said as she grabbed a puck blaster and kissed it. “My only love...”

Firehead over hearing the words Mal says: “Not in the future... or the past..” she giggled and continues thwacking, and it appeared Rex was having the most fun with it.

Blood heart: “Off with you pesky Feather lice bitten ducks” he said as her threw the ducks and the other saurian off him.

Firehead managed to stop herself in mid air and watched the others fall as she levitated above them. Blood heart was walking over to step on their little limp bodies.

Firehead: “Dangit!” she cried loudly, knowing from where she was it would be too late to save them.

Cedie, now away with a puck blaster in one hand and sword in the other: “CHARGE!!!” was her battle cry as she stabbed the big ugly Dude in the foot. “stay away from my cousin and my boyfriend you big ugly Saurian Dude!”

BloodHeart Growled and now was going to step on her. But Firehead now had enough time to get all of them out of the way now.

BloodHeart angry and seething: “I’ll deal with you four later... for now I see to the hate and Revenge I must fulfill!” he cried and turned to the three family members, Tanya, Wildwing and Tayshia. His mouth open widely, Smoke escaped his nostrils and fire blasted out of his mouth. Wildwing put the shield over his family quickly, and just in time. If they moved, they’d die. Fire flew above and around the shield. Wildwing could feel the the shield generator on his arm beginning to melt because of the heat.

Wildwing, Tayshia and Tanya in a panic: “A little help here?!”

Firehead kneeling by the fallen guys, nods to Mercedes: “Coming...” she called back half annoyed. “Dude, this guy is really getting me Ticked!” she ran over near Karma and whispered something.

Karma, nodding and putting three fingers at his temples concentrated hard. Blood heart wa s caught off guard as he floated a good 50 feet in the air: “Hurry up you know full well I can’t do this that long!”

Firehead rolled her eyes: “Why does everyone rush the witch?” she asked herself as she stood in front of Tan, Tay, and Wing. She looked to Wing and Tan, looking slightly freaked at what was happening. “I mean you no harm...” she said as calmly as she could manage. She put her arms together and a ball formed around her hands which spread into a bubble around them. “It’s him I mean to harm...” she said as she got out of the bubble. “Leave this thing when he’s blowing fire and you are roast Duck, So I Don’t recommend it. Tay, keep an eye on the adults..” she laughed and nodded to Karma, who looked as if her were about to pass out. the dragon fell, hurling into the ground thanks to gravity, and left a bit of an indent.

Grin looked at his son weirdly: “okay... I can’t even lift a sock with telekinesis, and he’s lifting dinosaurs? oh boy...”

Tayshia whining in the bubble, and pounding on the sides of it: “Lemme outta here!!! I wanna fight!! I’m the leader dangit!”

Firehead looked at her with less concern as BloodHeart was still scrambling to get up: “I am not in the second squad, remember? I’m “too dangerous” besides... Aunt Tanya's Says your grounded and she’s revoking your drivers license until your next birthday! Haha!” she laughed quickly as she turned again to the now standing evil Saurian.

Tayshia mumbled and looked to Tanya, huddled and frightened in Wildwing's arms: “Did you have to take my license away too?!” she grumbled and pounded on the side of the bubble, it sounding like a thick plastic, but it rippled where she hit it like clear water.

Blood heart Growled at the young telekinetic duck but turned his attention back to the bubble and the trio inside. He blew his fire at them again. Tan and wing hugged each other as if to say goodbye but Tayshia just folded her arms. The vision got hazy outside the bubble, but the fire hadn’t penetrated.

Firehead Flew over to Rex: “wakey-wakey, Dino-boy.. we may need your help here!”

Rex batted his eyes open a bit incoherently: “oh.. yeah... right,” he looked to Cedie’s unconscious body as well as the pile of them being picked up and moved into the safety of the migrator by Grin. Outside the bubble, there was only three left conscious; Rex, Firehead, and Karma. Firehead the only one who seemed to be completely coherent at the moment.

Firehead: “Snap out of it Dino-Boy!!”

Karma stumbled up to the two others, still weak from the overuse of his telekinesis: “uh... Anyone else in major pain?” the others nodded. Firehead looked over to the saurian, getting extremely aggravated by her bubble.

Firehead: “why is he ignoring us? I mean, oh crud.” she said hitting her head, “Guys... Didn’t uncle Wingy have to mask at this time?” The boys nodded, “And didn’t Tayshia bring the mask with her when she came?” they nodded again then slapped their heads too.

Rex Growling: “Dangit! They are screwing with time AND that saurian hurt my Cedie!”

Firehead looked at him angrily: “If you don’t calm down we’ll never figure a way out of this!” They stared at her in Awe. “Oh come on, if this guy gets his way we’ll all loose the ones we love PLUS our own lives so listen up you Weenies!” She had finally gotten their full attention.

Rex gave off a sly smile: “you’ve got a plan, don’cha Cleo?”

Firehead, her real name being Cleo, nodded: It’s just a shame he hasn’t figured out my bubble is magic and not a structure he can knock down or burn... if he started up his saurian magic I think, we could overpower him with a triangle of Magic...”

Karma whining: “But mine’s not magic, it’s telekinesis!”

Cleo getting mad: “SHUSH!!! Just pretend it is!! We need at least three people to open the portal!!”

Rex: “Why can’t we just ask Aunt Tanya?” Cleo shook her head slowly and sadly, “Cleo? Cleo.. Why? Was there a problem opening the portal when you came?”

Cleo sadly: “Thats why I came... You need me to get home. We have to use the Magics to open the door so we can all go back home. thats why i came.. not to save your feathered Butts..” she paused, “and one scaled, but we all need to pitch in or we don’t get home and just disappear as each of you are born. I won’t leave.. I’m born already... I’ll just freak people out.”

The boys nod and Rex speaks: “ Okay, lets just hope he doesn’t start using his...”

BloodHeart screaming: “SAURIAN MAGIC! I nearly forgot! Mwahahaha!”

The three remaining kids all together: “Dangit!”

Tay and Tan screaming: “Some buddy do somethin’ !”

Wildwing cocked his puck gun ready to shoot BloodHeart incase he tore a hole in the bubble.

BloodHeart's eyes glowed a bright Red from their normal orange color as he seemed to be drawing his power.

Cleo: “there is Magic in the air... Rex, do that!” she pointed to bloodHeart.

Rex: “okay...” he paused a minute and his eyes began to glow.

Cleo turned to Karma: “Ready?”

Karma: “uh.. I darn well hope so...”

Cleo and Rex: “ditto.” They each Crossed their arms and held hands.

Cleo: “ready.. Aim... FIRE!” she cried loudly and got BloodHeart's attention away
from Tay Tan and Wing for a moment.

BloodHeart: “What do you little sprites think you are doing?” he laughed a strange laugh.

Rex: “Concentrate on the stories... and the time He was from... then I think ... I darn well hope... that we have enough power to get a portal open.”

Cleo: “if there was ever a time I wanted Dad here it would be now... ready... THINK!”

A small vertical puddle appeared above their heads.

Rex: “oh boy....”

Cleo: “Karmy-boy... it’s your turn.”

Karma concentrated on the saurian, now getting added power from Cleo and Rex,
and got him moving toward the portal.

BloodHeart, realizing he was moving: “Oh no... no way are you getting me yet.. not until they die...” he said mentioning to the three within the bubble, which was slowly disintegrating.

Karma: “Cleo concentrate on that dang bubble, if they die I will be VERY ticked!”

Cleo: “Can do.” then she got an idea. “Hey! I got an Idea!”

Rex decided it was time to lighten the mood: “That’s a first..” Karma laughed a bit and gathered more courage from the hilarity.

Cleo: “ Hahaha... just watch.” she said. Karma was still trying to pull the saurian into the porthole. Cleo blew a spit bubble.

Karma laughed, as did Rex.

Rex: Cleo..really now we have to get this going....” he watched the bubble float over to Tayshia and enter the bubble.
Tay looked at the bubble: “thats disgusting.”

The bubble spoke to her with a voice that was Cleo’s: “Can you give me a better idea how to tell you something?”

Tay: “yes. Yell.”

Bubble: “haha. no, I mean I want you to play dead.” At this point Tan and Wing looked very Confused. “he wants you dead. you have the masks of Drake DuCaine, Right? Well, he hates DuCaine, so he wants you dead. If you can play possum and I put a hologram of your deaths up instead of the bubble, then he’ll think you are dead and be less.... Egotistical and Butt-holeish....”

Tay looked at her mom and dad: “Can you do that?” they nodded, taking orders from their daughter like she knew more of what to do in this situation. In reality, She was Clueless too, like the rest of them. “k, girl, you do this.. but if they get hurt, you know I will be Just as mad as Karmy. And tell karmy I love him... and that I am pregnant...”

Cleo, Karma, Tan and Wing, in shock.

Rex: “cool, congrats Karms!”

Tan and wing’s eyes bounce between Karma, grins child, and their own. Tan and Wing overload and pretend to faint, their attempt to avoid conversation.

Tay looks to her parents: “They’re good at that....”

The bubble disintegrated and Tayshia and her parents screamed in agony. You could smell the feathers burning. BloodHeart grinned a happy grin, his sharp teeth shining in the dusk light. Tayshia lay there, arms crispy looking and raw, Tanya’s glasses with the black smoke remaining on them, broken and sitting on the other side of the bubble’s marked enclosure. Wildwing looked like he had just been run into by Nosedive carrying a blowtorch.

Karma nearly fainted at the sight, Cleo’s eyes watered. Without thinking BloodHeart returned to his normal form and Size, forgetting about the trio of teenagers out to get him, and laughing his scales off.

Cleo screamed: “NOW!” Karma in a fit of rage lifted the little Saurian dweeb over his
head and stopped right in front of the portal.

Their hands still entwined, the trio all used their will to shove the jerk into the portal.
As soon as its use was fulfilled the portal closed, the mirage disappeared over Tay Tan and Wing, and the three teenagers collapsed.

Later in the Infirmary:

Cedie opened her eyes to see herself in the infirmary, Rex asleep by her side. She brushed a hand passed the top of his scales. His left hand was burt, thanks to a Cleo overload, and His head was bandaged, but he was still sitting beside her.

Nosedive was on the other side of the room, obviously in agony, mainly because he had a video game and a magazine next to him, untouched. He was pouting, looking at

Nosedive: “You okay?” he said with a touch of a fatherly tone to his voice, keeping still with all the immaturity he had.

Cedie: “yup. you are too, Ain't cha? At least your bits and pieces are or I wouldn’t be here..”

Nosedive nodded: “You really are from the future... and if you aren’t you really know how to screw up a party...”

Tay, Wing, Tan and Grin walked into the room quietly.

Tay looked over to Karma, still sleeping, half out of shock. She then looked over to Luke’s bed, which was empty, but then looking to Cleo’s, which was doubly Occupied by two sleeping figures.

Mallory was in a bed next to Cleo’s, awake and now staring at the red head and her bed occupant.

Mallory: “Hey Grin... can you go get my Wallet for me?” Grin nodded and left the room quickly. Then she laughed softly. “he’s turning out to be quite the lackey, lately...”

Tay sat in between her Cousin and her Boyfriends beds.

Rex shook awake at the motion: “Cedie!” he was very happy, and loud, he woke up Karma.

Karma, waking up to see Tayshia, alive: “She didn’t kill you!! Woohoo!” Karma was even louder, everyone in the room was now awake, except Cleo and Luke, still sleep hugging.

Tay motioned her head over to Cleo’s bed: “It was her hologram,” she stared at the two in the bed a moment, “They are so mushy.”

Phil walked into the room: ”Babes, boobellas! What happened? It’s quieter in here than the first time you lost a game and then there are so many more duck in here... then I get Two little ones knocking on my office door asking for Duke...

Duke looked up: “Wha huh?” two girls walked out of their well hidden spot... behind Phil's rather large and short body.

One girl ran as fast as she could to Duke: “Daddy!”

The other one walked slowly behind her friend.

The first girl: “I’m Mollisa!”

Duke, pretty surprised at this point: “Your mine aren’t you?” The girl nodded.

Mollisa: “and this is my friend, Jemma. You don’t know her daddy or mommy... yet.”
Duke a bit monotone: “And you are Luke’s sister?” he said Pointing to the guy in Cleo’s bed. The young teenager nodded. Luke, upon hearing his name and his sisters voice gently woke up and kissed Cleo’s cheek to wake her.

Luke and Cleo: “Oh hey Mollisa, hi Jemma.”

Cleo yawned: “you guys missed all the fun. Should have been here earlier to check up and help...”

Luke to elder girl suspiciously: "Mom didn't send you here to check on me did she?"

Duke: "Huh?"

Luke, still yawning a bit: "Dad, I’m sure she introduced herself, this is My sister, Mollisa."

Duke: "Same mother?"

Molly: "Uh, yeah dad."

Duke to himself outloud: "Shocking."

Mal now with her wallet looking at a picture of the red head, decided to pass on a sly comment: “Shocking indeed!! Duke actually learned something called, ‘commitment’...”

Cleo to Mal: “Believe it or not, so do you,” was her return comment. That, plus her complete lack of attention to the subject, made Mallory shut up.

Luke smiled: “Thats my girl.” He laughed.

Mollisa to The second generation: “Mom and the old folks said we should get going home.”

Jemma speaking for the first time: “thats what we were sent here for.”

Cleo yawning: “Aunt Tan fixed the porthole thingy-ma-bob?”

Mollisa correcting her: “Time Porthole Generator. Yup she fixed it.” She used the Ghetto yup too.

Jemma walked up to Mallory and looked at what she was looking at, then ran over to
Cleo: “Mom says you can tell Aunt Mal who you are..”

Cleo whispered back: “She dumped me in a trash can let me screw with her mind a bit longer...”

Tay looks around: We should get going then, Firehead wouldn’t want to loose her license to kill and I don’t wanna loose my permit to kill...” she begins to mumble something about already being taken away.

Cleo: “I really really don’t wanna loose that license... And Kid,” she began to Tayshia, “you still need to get your breeding permit!” she laughed.

Grin rubbed his temples: “I just have to keep telling myself to remember not to kill you for this in the future, Karma...”

A few minutes later they were all out of the infirmary...

Tay: “well we’re ready to go,” she said looking to Tan and Wing.

Cleo: “Tay we have to be...” she looked into a bubble in her hand, “Right over here...” she stepped slowly around the hidden base underneath the pond. Putting in the proper password as she walked right into the Drake one room, the other second generation people and the original mighty ducks close behind her. Tanya merely stopped and stared at her craftsmanship and how Cleo easily had Bypassed it. “Don’t worry aunt tanya,” she whispered, “I won’t tell anyone you gave never gave me the password...” she joked. She stood at the future positioning post of where the Time machine would be in the future.

Duke looking around: “There are a lot of us now... how do we live in the future with all these kids?”

Luke and Cleo laughed, Luke spoke: “We’re not the only Ducks that make an addition. There’s her dad’s group,” he pointed to Cleo, “and the medieval ducks and the galaxy team, when mom comes and... oh! then there is even when she brings all her bombs friends over from puckw...” Cleo covered his mouth with her hand.

Cleo angrily to Luke, not meaning to be heard by anyone else: “I Don’t want her to know! Even if they won’t remember this later I don’t want them to know who I am!” Duke and mallory who were the closest to them over heard what they said.

Mal: “Okay, who are you?”

Cleo ignored her: “Karma, Rex, could you help me? I have to tear a rift right her and I need at least a threesome...

Luke meowed like a cat and eyed her.

Cleo rolled her eyes.

Rex: “Sure just show us where to stand...” Cleo moved each of the boy where to stand. tore a small bubble open and spread it over to each of their hands.

Cleo to the second generation: “This thing isn’t exactly stable so say bye bye and get your feathered butts in there, fast.” Karma and Rex held onto a part of the bubble, keeping it wide open ready for them to leave.

Luke walked up to his dad: “you have no idea how much funnier you are when mom is around.” Duke looked at him weird. “Just joking pop. See ya in a few minutes...” he said waving and walking off slowly. Mollisa gave Duke a big hug and run up passed her brother and pulled Jemma into the porthole too. Luke went and stood near cleo, holding open part of the porthole open.

Cleo to Luke: “Lukie Pooh, go hold the thing for Karma so he can go say bye to his father.”

Luke: “But I’m not magic!”

Cleo: “I just needed them because they are strong.. has nothing to do with magic this time, Pooh.” Karma traded with Luke and went to say good bye to his father.

Grin: “This entire thing is confusing my mind, by the karma of the event is positive. So I shall except this.”

Karma: “I have to say you don’t change much.” was all he said before giving his father a hug and walking to Cleo taking it from her. She just stood there in front of mallory.

Tayshia to her parents: “Well... I’ll see ya in a few minutes, I guess.”

Wing looked to Tanya then back to Tayshia: “You really are our future aren’t you?” Tayshia nodded. “well, if we have to have a daughter, I’m glad it’s a smart and charming one like you.” he smiled.

Tay: I love you dad!” she hugged her mom and dad then ran off so she wouldn’t cry.
with all that hugging Mallory stretched her arms out slightly. Cleo stared at her a bit angrily. Mallory put her arms down again.

Mal: “So you’re my future? you sure look like me...”

Cleo, still rather madly: “No Mom,” she paused, “ I’m your past.” Mallory’s face turned rather peeked. “it’s interesting to see that you act the same with me here and me not here like I meant nothing. it’s just so interesting to me,” she had begun to cry slightly, “that you don’t give a flying...” She stopped and shook her head and Tayshia gave her a hug.

Mal: “My past? oh dear god!” her face was even paler. “Cleona?” she said slowly seeing Cleo and Tay walk off. Cleo held part of the door open while she made everyone get in she got in too and the bubble closed slowly.

Cleo: “Love ya mom.”

Tay: “By guys!!!”

Luke and Mollisa waved to their dad.

The whole group shouted: “See ya in the future!!” then the bubble closed.

Mallory took a look around: “Something tells me my past is going to bite me in the -----”

The Mighty Ducks are by Drake One except for Nosedive. Who is at the comic book store. The Future forgotten to them till it happens. . . . .

The End
Or Just The Beginning . . .
Duluna Sol L’Orange
Cleona Anne May Juna Firestarter Ariel Freeduc-McMallard-L’Orange
(Don’t ask about the name... it’s a long story...)
Tayshia Mondrawing Flashblade
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