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Cleo's Bomb Site
Listen! This song goes perfect with my personality.

Name: Cleona Anne May June
Firestarter Ariel Freeduc-McMallard-L'Orange
Gender: I AM Female
Age: I Come to Earth at 16 years old.
Body: White
Hair: Red, just like mom's, but longer.
Eyes: Turquise
Specialties: Wind and Fire Magic, 
Being a Royal Pain in the Rear, Blowing up Stuff
Gadget of Choice: Wind and Fire Magic,
Puck Launcher, Bombs
Motto: "ohh! ooh! I got one! wait... that's not appropriet..."
# and Position: Anywhere I dern well feels like.
Personality: All around pain in the neck
-- but heck, I'm fun!!!

Hi. It's Cleo. Welcome to my personal, frighting, Bomb Site.

What? The Bombs Team?: I'm on the Bombs Team, on Puck World we basically blew up every single Saurien Control building, but heck, we had fun!! !! We just blew things up, Eat, blew stuff up, sleep, blew stuff up, eat, blew stuff up (and It went on like this). We all got used to it and I, being the Malisious little pain in the rear I am, really started to enjoy it!!! Well, any way, I like to blow things up, play with rubber duckies, play hockey, swim, stare at men, date, and walk on the beach during sunset(ha ha ha). Okay, what do I say?
My story: My mom, Mallory, went phsyco and had me with this totally abnotios idiot, Kirqut Freeduc, who is a major pyro-wizard thing. So, I picked up some of dear-old-dads traits. I am a pyro... hence my middle name, "Firestarter". But, I seem to like wind better, it suits me. Nothing can stop the wind. Kirqut says I need to learn control over my powers... Uh huh, I 'm not the one who set Nosedive's hair on fire, though I don't blame him for sub-contious acts of violence towards people with I.Q.'s less than 30 (if I ever get the story up you'll see why...). When Mom had me, Kirqut told her to dump me in the dumpster so he wouldn't get killed (his family has this weird im-breeding curse). An old lady, named Grand Merice, fished me out or the dumpster and took me to some home-adoption center. When she died, I took care of EVERYONE else there, aproximatly 30-odd people. Fourteen years after I was born, I got off Puckworld and said good-bye to my fiends, ex-boyfriends(Keegan Rat and Wedge Mason), and decided to go find my parents. It took me two years of interdimentional limbo to find them (while bumping into Lucretia Decoy and Canard, now married and had two kids), but I found them.
What happened: well, if i could clean up my story, I will get it on here and you wil be able to see it, but the main thing is I have two of my own kids, whom are half saurien. I know i know, What was i thinking? but I had two kids, and they were stolen by thier daranged gramma Xania, sister to, who else? Dargonous. When She died, they came looking for me amungst the most famous ducks of the planet, the mighty ducks, the find me and I, by then had maried Gallery and Duke's son, Luke. By then, we had triplets; Selene, serene, and Yuna Starr, who didn't seem to like the other girls, until Gabriella, whom we now called Gabby, taught the tree tree year olds how to use their powers...oiy, was that the biggest pain in the as... er... "bottom" to control.

I'm Just gonna say hi to Benabik... if he ever stops by again. Hey lil (older, not taller) Cuz!!

Oh!! By the way, you can MAIL ME!!(


"Go back to the Penalty Box!" Cleo: "fine, but when the ice melts don't come crawling to me ..."
My friends at theshelter Would love to meet you!
A Good friend of mine...
A note from the weirdo...

i am currently working on my own web page. it is about me, the author, Kat, and has most of these other interesting web page authors as well. Mysty.. under her real name, as well as gallery, possibly tayshia and Duluna if I am in a good mood. :) it is here: Home of the Evil Kat Lady It's still under construction do bare with me and lets see if any one else from this webpage stops by, okay?

Love ya (all)!