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Mallery walked calmly down the beach, watching the waves flap lightly against the shore. Off season had come, and nearly over. The long walks along the beach with Chrono would end soon as the dreaded day in November would come. She shuddered at the thought and she rembered the conversation she was forced to have last november...

"Just drop it, Mallory!" Kirqut screamed.
"But Kirqut! She Was..."
"But not anymore! Ever since I came to join the ducks... EVERY November! i'm over it why can't you be?!"
"She was important to me!" She remembered Kirquts hurt face as a reply to that comment... then she refused to remember more.

Kirqut sat with his baby son and wife on the other end of the beach, but Mallory knew this was not the time to be bringing her up.
Mallory looked at the puck gun ion her hands, not loaded, but she was stareing at it like it was a savior. Kirqut looked at her and sighed, knowing that she was thinking of that. Her